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We're NOT your average Dallas SEO company!

Getting to the top of page one in popular search engines can make a huge difference in your website traffic, leads, and revenue. Atomic's search engine optimization (SEO) team has the skills and experience to get you there. There are a lot of Dallas SEO companies to choose from; but at Atomic, we set ourselves apart in a few ways that you won't find at other agencies. Let's start by discussing our age...



(we're celebrating over 13 years of digital)





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Google Partner - Atomic Design and Consulting



SEO techniques change daily

We have an in-house team in Dallas that keeps up with all the changes! 

Google makes one change to its algorithm every day – at least! That makes SEO a constantly moving target for business owners who are already busy enough with running a company. We keep up with all those changes so that you don’t have to, revisiting our best practices on a regular basis to ensure that we’re making the best decisions for our clients in the long run.




Digital Marketing is in our DNA. We have been a Dallas based local digital agency since day one. We are not a print shop or old-school marketing agency that is now touting that they know how to create digital experiences, we started with this stuff. We have in-house teams dedicated to SEO & PPC but we also have in-house teams that are focused on the complete digital marketing landscape including teams for Social Media, Web Design and Development, and Email Marketing. We believe the interaction & integration of each your online properties is critical to the success of all the properties. We know how to make a social media campaign benefit your search campaigns. For instance, did you know email marketing campaigns can also help your SEO efforts?

Don't pick an agency that is new to this stuff - we have the experience and case studies to prove it

Our Digital Marketing Services


We make data-driven SEO decisions

Our team leverages our SEO experience to make decisions, combining that with data analysis and testing are the best way to learn about clients and their customers. Our initial research will help reveal the best target keywords for your website that have a high volume of searches and are also reasonable in terms of competition.


We also have the ability to run tests that will help us determine how changes to your site affect the way users interact with the page. Do they stay longer? Did conversions rise? We’ll run these tests until we have statistically significant results, so you’ll know we’re making the right decisions for your users.


We keep you in the loop

We pride ourselves on consistent and transparent communication with our clients. We know that the best way to avoid mistakes is to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

To ensure that this happens, we do the following:

  • Monthly SEO reports
    • What we did
    • What we plan to do / recommendations
    • Results: Reports cover the Rankings, traffic, conversions, and competitors
  • Have a regular schedule for communications with you 
  • Proactively bring ideas to you
  • Monitor your competitors and industry opportunities 
  • Actively seek feedback from your team



The right way isn’t always the easy way

The old way of doing SEO was easy. Buy some links. Submit to a thousand directories. Done. But as Google gets more sophisticated at identifying what they call “web spam,” these tactics have already become obsolete and can even do long term damage.


When you hire most SEO companies

The easy way to do SEO is over. Unfortunately, many companies are still clinging to old, outdated tactics because they don’t want to change.


Activities with High Risk for Penalty/Devalued Links
  • 90% low quality, irrelevant links
  • < 10% high quality links
  • Surplus of exact match anchor text and little to no branded anchor text
  • Paid links


When you hire Atomic Design for SEO

Atomic does things differently. We’re committed to doing the hard work from the onset to establish relationships and brainstorm ways for your company to create buzz and engagement online.


Low Risk for Penalty
  • The Golden Ratio
    • 80% relevant, medium quality links
    • 20% high quality links
  • Natural-looking anchor text with a focus on building branded links
  • Absolutely no paid links


Thinking outside of the browser

SEO doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Unless your business is strictly online, SEO will also be affected by the interactions customers have with you offline.


“Social signals” are becoming more and more important to search engine rankings. We will help you create an offline experience that causes people to share with their friends online.


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