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We create Powerful marketing moments and comprehensive digital marketing strategies that involve: web design, email marketing, SEO, and social media marketing.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Top digital marketing trends for 2019 In the final quarter of 2018 we are reassessing our marketing philosophies in anticipation of the new year. The greatest philosophy change is the full adoption of inbound marketing and the shedding [...]

Voice Search guide for Dallas Businesses

As a voice search marketing agency in Dallas we make voice search optimization a priority for our clients. Voice search is on the rise and creates an even more competitive market than traditional search to earn visibility. Whether you [...]

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Dallas HubSpot Agency

What is HubSpot? HubSpot is a marketing, sales, and customer service software designed for all business types to attract, convert, and delight customers using inbound methodology. HubSpot’s primary business is software, however, they provide resources for their customers that [...]

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Dallas SEO Checklist

SEO checklist for Dallas businesses We get a ton of questions about ways a business can start optimizing their website to rank for their industry keywords. Having a Dallas SEO checklist can be very helpful - so we put [...]

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12 Lead Generation Tips From A Dallas Digital Marketing Agency

12 Ways To Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts Now No matter how marketing, communications, and advertising changes over the years, we’re all looking to get more traffic to our website in hopes that more online visitors will equal more [...]

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Atomic becomes a Dallas HubSpot Agency Certified Partner

We did it! Atomic has been hard at work trying to bring more digital marketing tools to our existing and new clients - we're an official HubSpot Agency Certified Partner. We're thrilled to join the HubSpot family and bring [...]

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HubSpot Inbound 18 Recap

Moving from the funnel to a flywheel Brian Halligan, co-founder and CEO of Hubspot, did exactly what we all try and avoid - he reinvented the wheel. The flywheel, that is. This marketing model didn’t completely [...]

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Day 2 – 2017 Dallas Digital Summit Recap

Day two of Digital Summit Dallas 2017 was even better than the first day! We started learning bright and early and kept on learning digital marketing insights throughout the day. We've put together another list of things we learned. [...]

Day 1 – 2017 Dallas Digital Summit Recap

Day one of Digital Summit Dallas 2017 is in the books, and the Atomic team brought home some amazing insights we'll be putting to good use. Chris Bingham and Kristen Torgerson attended this year's summit and are putting together [...]

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Big Takeaways from #RocksDigital Conference 2017

Digital Marketing Insights from Industry Leaders Two of our team members, Kristen Torgerson and Chris Bingham, attended the 2017 Rocks Digital Conference in Addison, TX on Friday and gained valuable insights on how they can better their [...]

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