Video content is practically a gold standard in the digital marketing space!

When done right, it can capture the attention of the viewer in seconds and leave a lasting impression. Learn more about video marketing strategy in Part 1 of our 2022 Video Marketing Series below.



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It may seem like an obvious question with an obvious answer, but it bears repeating. From psychology and accessibility down to creativity and storytelling, video marketing has a power that still images and text will never have.

It’s Science! Eyes are more drawn to things that move and we’re more conditioned than ever to watch (and share) video content. Countless platforms have sprung up to support and distribute video content.  TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube – which is really a search engine in disguise – all rely heavily or completely on video content. These platforms all take advantage of our natural tendencies to watch and keep watching videos!

And we can’t forget good old psychology when discussing why we recommend video content. Customers need to see themselves in your marketing and immediately know how they can benefit – which leads to faster Contact Us and Add To Cart moments. Your customers are living breathing people, and the more you make your products and services a living, breathing example of how it benefits them, the better.

Hot Video Tip!


Keep videos accessible to everyone.  Use captions, large text, contrasting colors, and easy-to-listen-to sound or music – and limit any flashing or quick action shots.

Another great answer to our question, “Why Video?”,  is that videos are so versatile in their creation and their use.  Videos can be linked/embedded/shared pretty much anywhere, including social platforms, within email campaigns, and on websites. With the continued rise of video content across social platforms, the old ways of video marketing which were expensive and limited in use, are giving way to more creative content types and easier tools to make and distribute them.

Types Of Video Marketing

There are a variety of different types of videos you could produce for your marketing efforts! The less your customers have to work to understand your product or service, the better. This is where instructional videos and “commercial-esque” content are useful. They accomplish adding value and making things simple for customers to learn and understand.

The following styles of videos are all potential options your brand can utilize throughout your content marketing journey.

  • Brand Introduction Videos: Users love to learn about a brand’s background and story so that they can choose if your product or service fits in with their lifestyle! Telling stories through video adds a personal touch that people can relate to. There are multiple ways you can produce these videos, including through moving graphics, a message from your brand’s spokesperson or founder, a sketch, or images strung into a video.
  • Customer Testimonials: Customer testimonials or customer-focused videos are another effective way to market your business, regardless of industry. Prove that you are the real deal with the words of existing customers. Written testimonials are useful, but some people need to see real footage of your customers singing your praises or using your products.
  • Product/Offering Videos: Like testimonials, videos focused on showing your products or brand’s offerings help potential customers show why the service could benefit them. It also leaves an impression on them for the next time they are looking to purchase the product or service. For products – showcase how it works and why it’s the best on the market. For services, answer the potential “why’s” and “how’s” of your service before your customers have to ask.
  • Announcement Videos: Is there something new and exciting happening with your brand or product?! Allows users to feel a part of your brand’s journey, showing how this announcement will or will not affect them.

Hot Video Tip!

Be Original

When everyone is making a How-To video – try making a How NOT-To video!

How To Use Video Across Marketing Campaigns

As mentioned previously, videos can connect the user to a company’s website, across social platforms and more. Videos can live in all of those places and should. Here’s how you can use video content in all aspects of marketing.

Publishing videos to social platforms is an easy way to access users of all ages and engage them. YouTube, Instagram Reels, and TikTok are all great places for videos to live and either require video content or give preferential treatment to videos. Users can interact with videos in TikTok duets and stitches, share them on their own feeds, and save them in customized categories to view again later. You can do one better by utilizing highlights, playlists, and hashtags to categorize your content for potential followers.  Become a binge-worthy channel where they can find video after video of the type of content they like. 

Email marketing is another great way to connect with specific audiences that are at different stages of the buyer’s journey. Who doesn’t love a good automated DRIP, right? Video previews, thumbnails, and GIFS are a proven way to increase click-through rates from emails to your website or to your social channels. While it is possible to load video inside the actual email on many email programs, we generally don’t recommend it. It can be glitchy and lacks the engagement factor of bringing the viewer to your website or social media profile.   Gifs also work great in emails, 99% of the time (we’re looking at you, Outlook.) 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an excellent way to drive traffic to a specific webpage. Google uses the landing page experience of users to rate ads so it’s beneficial and better for your bottom line if the landing page encourages users to stick around and engage. Embedding a compelling video with a targeted message onto that landing page is a great way to keep users engaged with the landing page and help google rate your ads better. There have been even more video PPC options added in recent years to Google Ads and social platforms, where you can place videos into map listings, and more specific audience networks. Even the big names like Hulu, and conventionally traditional media outlets are opening their doors to smaller video advertisers with less-than-million-dollar budgets. 

Another digital marketing fundamental to consider when creating video is SEO. In fact, we might have words if you didn’t consider SEO! The time users spend on a web page is a ranking factor for Google, so the right type of video marketing can improve your Google ranking. If your videos are high quality and engaging, users will watch and then you’ve kept the user on the page and improved your website in the eyes of Google! They also reward diverse media-rich content with higher rankings too. 

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Have any questions about how video marketing can help your strategy and get results? Talk to our digital marketing specialists about your specific needs and wants!  Digital marketing is all about telling stories and video is a fantastic way to tell your brand’s story to your potential customer! Let us help you grow and strengthen your brand reputation through digital marketing and videos. When you’re ready to see what’s possible, let’s talk.