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What if you could deliver what your customer is looking for at the exact moment they’re looking for it? 80% of smartphone users want more mobile-optimized product information while they’re shopping in stores.

Beacon technology enables businesses to fulfill that need by sending notifications to their customers based on their proximity: welcome messages, discounts, important information, all delivered straight to the customer’s smartphone.

The Numbers Show

Beacons are the future of in-store marketing

Beacons are the most disruptive technology marketing has seen since the emergence of social media:

60 million beacons are predicted to be active by 2019
50% of the top U.S. retailers are testing beacons this year
Beacons increase interactions with advertised products by 19 times
Engagement with brand apps is 16.5 times higher when shoppers get a beacon message
30% of shoppers who received a “push ad” from an in-store beacon used that offer to buy something
1/3 of users would rather find information on a smart phone than ask a store employee
Smartphone users spend 25 – 50% more than non-users (via Sweet IQ)

We have experience with Facebook Beacons and Xone beacons allowing for custom messages and remarketing campaigns on Facebook and other digital marketing advertising arenas.

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