Traditional marketing is dead

Buyers are taking control. They’re tuning out old-school marketing and sales tactics that are impersonal and interrupts. 

Declining Audience

Your audience keeps shrinking as new competitors come to the market. The website isn’t attracting the right audience or generating leads.

Low Engagement

In crowded digital environments, the marketing message is getting lost. Keeping engagement high is a struggle and new/fresh ideas are needed. 

No Promotors

Delighting customers seems to fall to the bottom of the priority list. Doing great work or providing a product should turn in raving fans.

Inbound Marketing Case Studies

Winning is in our DNA. Our greatest inbound marketing accomplishments are the wins we bring to our Dallas based clients. We bring passion and dedication to drive victories every month.
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Lead Generation

  • Strategic development of commercial storage workflows 
  • Built a custom form for internal call center entries 
  • Created custom premium content offers for lead generation 

The Results

  • 30% view to submission rate on premium content offer
  • Increased blog traffic by 45% 
  • Created campaign called “Spring Storage Solutions” with 28% conversion rate
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Sales Enablement

  • Creation of custom deal stages for the sales team 
  • Migration of WordPress blogs to HubSpot blogs for lead tracking
  • Setup of deal forecasting and productivity benchmarks 

The Results

  • 50% increase of task completion by the sales team 
  • Development of Chatbot for sales qualification 
  • Installation of call tracking for sales team training
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Marketing Hub Integration

  • Lead generation through website document integration 
  • Developed a brand messaging and content distribution strategy
  • Integration of website forms across various pages for conversion opportunities 

The Results

  • Reduction in time spent by the marketing team tracking leads
  • Organization of content inside the HubSpot file database 
  • 15% increase in blog views year over year 

Dallas Inbound Agency

Work with the best

Every team member at Atomic has the HubSpot Marketing Software certification. We dedicate time to training meaning we’re the tip of the marketing spear.

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kristen torgerson
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Certified & Trusted Inbound Experts

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Download the free inbound game plan

Our workbook, “Inbound Marketing Game Plan” will cover all of the elements you will need to create your own inbound marketing strategy. Learn the same step-by-step process that we use to create awesome results for our clients

The New School of Inbound Marketing

“Grow better by moving from the funnel to the flywheel.” – Brian Halligan
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We use the inbound marketing methodology and HubSpot CRM to help Dallas companies achieve the next level of business success through various services and tactics. 

Business Impact You Can Measure 

We achieve your marketing and sales goals with world class tools, strategy, and execution.