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14 Years of Digital Marketing Experience

Over a decade of digital marketing experience and the results prove that we can tackle any digital challenge.

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We help create the digital marketing strategy that brings your brand’s story to life and drives measurable results.

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Search Engine Optimization – SEO

We have the experience & proof our SEO tactics lead to increased rankings and conversions on your website.

Social Media

We craft marketing stories and strategies that are capable of engaging across any of the platforms.

Email Marketing

This tried and true marketing strategy is still capable of delivering powerful results and traffic.

Pay Per Click – PPC

Advanced targeting allows any marketing campaign to become more profitable and useful.

Website Design Development

Building your site to be fast, responsive, and beautiful leads to more use and a greater return on investment.

Beacon Marketing

Market to people near your business or based upon segments, like frequent visitors – or ones that haven’t visited you in a while!

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At Atomic, our team put their knowledge and expertise to use everyday to make our clients better. We also like to share that with the world to prove just how powerful of an impact we can have.

Guide to Quick and (Almost) Effortless Video

By |Blog, Social Media|

There's no doubt that video is increasingly important for just about every brand or business. In fact, Gary Vaynerchuk has stated "The single most important [...]

“We Need a New Website”

By |Blog|

If you've landed on this post, chances are you're hearing those exact words floating around the office. Maybe it's your boss that has made the statement, or [...]

Instagram is Shaking Things Up

By |Blog, Social Media|

The worker bees at Instagram have been hard at work lately cranking out loads of new features for their users over recent weeks and months. [...]

4 Ways To Get Back That Hour That Was Stolen From You

By |Blog|

Daylight Savings Time began today and at 2 am this morning you lost one hour as your clocks (probably most of them automatically) sprang forward [...]

Ways to Spend Your Leap Day

By |Blog|

Leap Day only comes around once every 4 years. This year we welcome this extra day with open arms as February has been nothing but spectacular weather [...]

Facebook Ads to Draw Inspiration From

By |Blog, Social Media|

Facebook advertisements are becoming more creative by the day so it’s important as an advertiser to be aware of what other brands are up to. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a few advertisements that truly stand out among the competition (meaning the ad space competition). A few of our favorites are outlined below along with lessons we’ve learned from them that we can use for our own Facebook advertisements. […]

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