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Case Study

Vince Hagan

Industry: Manufacturing, E-Commerce

Solutions: Development, PPC, SEO, Email Marketing

Increase in attributable online revenue year-over-year
Yearly Increase in organic traffic to key product page
#1 rankings in Google for industry related keywords
Average yearly increase in overall website traffic

The Client

B2B Manufacturer & Online Retailer

Vince Hagan designs and manufactures all types of batch plants including mobile concrete batching plants, stationary concrete batching plants, central mix plants, paving plants, hydraulic self erect models, dust collectors, reclaim and conveying systems.

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The Problem

Winning In A Niche Market

Not everyone is searching for a concrete batching plant, and those that are need their technical question or parts solution served up quickly. Vince Hagan is the leading innovator in batching plants and wanted their website to showcase their leadership in a crowded digital space.

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The Solution

Content, Optimization And Shopping

Through the years with Atomic, Vince Hagan has relied on website design, SEO/PPC, and email marketing expertise to grow their market share. Once we gained their trust, we implemented core product pages with a sound SEO strategy and they have reaped the rewards! By combining efforts with site optimization, workflow developments, marketing automation, email marketing, and now eCommerce, Vince Hagan continues to lead and be where their customers are.

Google Adwords
Inbound Marketing
Web Design

The Results

Explosive Growth

Since partnering with Atomic, the Vince Hagan Company has seen tremendous growth in their organic rankings – leading to an industry domination in search.

Since launching their online batching plant parts store, Vince Hagan has seen an online revenue increase of 350% in parts sales – over 31% of that coming from organic search traffic alone.

Over the years, Atomic has built key pillar pages for the products that Vince Hagan offers. Pages like Concrete Batching Plants, Concrete Batching Equipment, and Mobile Concrete Batching Plants help grow traffic to the site by giving search engines a better answer to the user’s queries. The mobile plant page on the site grew by 20% in a year-over-year review.

Vince Hagan is the #1 ranked website for a 100+ of search terms and is top 5 in hundreds more. The competition doesn’t come close to the kind of consistent exposure Vince Hagan has online.

Overall, things are great at Vince Hagan. Potential clients are finding answers to their questions, shopping for the parts they need, and contacting the team at Vince Hagan to get the best equipment they can. Since 2015, Vince Hagan has seen a sustained website traffic increase of 26% year-over-year!

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Elevate Your Digital Presence: Work With Atomic

Atomic has been providing digital media solutions for our company for over 8 years. We couldn’t be happier with the Atomic team. Our strong Google rankings & their innovative ideas have grown our market share and created new product offerings for our company. Their team delivers bottom-line results.

– Chris Hagan, Vince Hagan

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