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Recently, the team at Obox released a highly touted Wordpress CMS theme called Layers. Everyone sang the praises of how it's the easiest thing to use, and best of all it's FREEEEEE! The intent is to create a theme that is easily accessible for any skill level, and can quickly create a great website. While it's a decent start, there is still a lot of work to do.

The idea is novel, and might eventually take over the landscape. This is how I like to think of using Layers at the moment: You can either purchase an iPhone and have the cool features integrated, or you can opt for the cheaper iPod Touch and a flip phone.

I will admit, I have not purchased any themes, extensions, or style kits for Layers. What you are about to read are my thoughts and experiences about the straight out-of-the-box Layers. My observations and critiques are coming from using Visual Composer and Fusion Builder for Avada for several websites in which I have been blown away by their capabilities and flexibility. The following are a handful of flaws I observed when trying out Layers, along with proposed solutions to help improve the user experience and/or the final product.



You're Not on the Same Page

Imagine booking a trip to Hawaii only to find out when you arrive that the travel package doesn't include any sandy, mai tai-filled excursions. Disappointed?

What if your travel agent responded, "But you didn't mention going to the beach specifically, so I can't help you. Unless, of course, you pay an up-charge." "What?!" you reply, "I'm already here, so what choice do I have? I thought you were an expert. How did you miss this? I assumed all trips to Hawaii included beach time!"

You're Not on the Same Web Page

Now put yourself in the shoes of a client working with a freelancer or digital agency on a website.

You expect certain features or services to be a standard part of any project. After all, no one said otherwise in the proposal process. But then mid-project you find out that many items you expected would be included weren't even considered by your vendor.

SEO? Well, some search engine optimization work comes with a new website, but ongoing and impactful strategy is not included. A login area? Well, you didn't mention how complex that would really be, so your vendor replies, "We can do the extra work, but costs will go up."

At this point, you are disappointed.


Businesses2With 1.44 billion monthly active users on Facebook, it's next to impossible for businesses of any size to ignore the impact an active Facebook page can have on their business. This tool is free (except for the manpower you put into it, any equipment or software you use to support it, or any advertising budget you spend on it) so for many businesses it's a no-brainer and could even come across strange to consumers if not utilized. With that said, it's important to focus on the type of content you post and how you interact with your followers on Facebook as this can very easily make or break the opportunities here. Managing a public Facebook page is much different than managing a private or even public personal Facebook profile and there's so much more at stake.

If your business is not yet on Facebook, first learn How to Set Up a Facebook Page for Business from Social Media Examiner. And if your business is already on Facebook, read through these common issues with Facebook pages and learn to correct any issues that could be holding your business Facebook page back from true success.


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