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All Aboard the Internship: Instagram is NOT the next Facebook


AP / Karly Domb Sadof

  And you know what? That's just fine! Maybe even great. It's an unfair comparison (we're talking apples and oranges here) for several reasons. Instagram exists in a unique environment where accessibility and usability have made it a top mobile application, right up there with apps like Mail and Maps, for the everyday mobile users and companies alike to engage and create content.

   Instagram, the brainchild of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, is a mobile--photo and video--sharing app available for iOS and Android devices and Windows Phone that allow users to apply filters and, as of a recent update, edit photos. Instagram enables users to share across various other social networking platforms. Users can both tag other users and hashtag their photos. Additionally, users can geotag photos that will then be displayed all on a click-able map. There are 19 preset filters that users can choose from. Additionally, users can straighten and sharpen images, add tilt shift and vignettes, as well as adjust brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, and shadows. Some people get extremely creative, others post generic sunsets or selfies; there is no one type of Instagram user.


Why Instagram?

  First thing's first: the numbers alone should be enough reason for you to be curious about Instagram if you aren't already on it. According to Instagram's website, they have 200 million monthly active users, 1.6 billion likes daily, and 60 million photos uploaded also daily. Instagram ranked 7th in the Top 10 Mobile Apps of 2013 (by downloads) by Neilson earlier this year. 




LinkedIn LogoLinkedIn
recently rolled out some new changes to their overall visual design. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, their new custom backgrounds allow premium profile users to enhance their profiles with a large background cover photo (1400 x 407 pixels)*.


LinkedIn Premium Profile Background Image Templates

Click here to download a PSD Template, an AI Template, or a PNG Template



Pro Tips

- Compression: Keep in mind that due to responsive design, the background cover image will be compressed on certain browsers. If you have an image with text or detail, this may cause them to become jagged or distorted.

*1400 x 407 pixels is the "small" size for the header, but at that size the images become blurry. To ensure that your image does not become distorted, we recommend creating the image at 2800 x 814 pixels in order to avoid image compression issues.

- Stretching: along with compressing the image, the responsive layout feature causes Linkedin Premium Profile cover background images to stretch when the onlooker is browing on a wide screen. Again, keep this in mind if you are choosing to use logos, details, and text in your cover image.

- Non-Premium Profile Banner: As a non-premium user, when viewing a Premium user's profile, a banner encouraging the user to upgrade is displayed in the upper area. This lost space is something to consider when creating and formatting your custom background.


Domino's Pizza Marketing Strategy93% of Americans eat pizza at least (AT LEAST!) once a month. Search Buzzfeed's Food section or simply log on to the the popular micro-blogging site, Tumblr, and you will see that pizza is not just a fad-food (I'm looking at you, Nutella). Pizza is not just food, it has a cult following. There's a magazine called Pizza Today that has 40,010 suscribers. So at this point you get it- people love pizza. I however, do not. I am that 7%. So it might be a little strange for me to say that I'm here at Atomic Design & Consulting as a Social Media Intern partially because of pizza.


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