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SEO 101

When you request a proposal for SEO services, there are a few tactics that will be in every scope of work: on-page optimization, tracking analytics, and link building.

Most clients understand the value of optimizing your site to have relevant content and tracking the results, but if you're tilting your head at "link building," you're not alone.

So what is link building, anyway?


Twitter Tips That Businesses Must KnowA little birdy may have told you that your business needs to be on Twitter. For businesses small and large, Twitter can be a valuable asset as a way to communicate with your customers and also interact with the community to increase your brand awareness.

Twitter can be a valuable tool to help strengthen your brand awareness but to be truly effective on Twitter, you'll need to put in a bit of elbow greese. If you're looking for advice on how to get started with Twitter or you're not currently reaching your goals when it comes to Twitter, check out these tips to help guide your business presence and interactions on Twitter.


We've been following Day 2 & Day 3 of Inbound 2015 primarily on Twitter (since we could not be there in person, bummer), and here are a few of the take-aways we've found particularly interesting and helpful.

Failure & Bravery

Sometimes, especially in the digital world, you must take risks and do something unprescedented in order to obtain gains you normally wouldn't see. For example Coca-Cola took a great risk by printing common names on their soda bottles. They made a noticable change to the label on their cans and bottles without certainty that this would drum up sales. Of course, now we all know that Coca-Cola was wildly successful in this sales and marketing tactic, but they had to wonder at the time whether it was a truly the right move.


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