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Simply creating a company page, sharing content, and then letting your LinkedIn company page collect dust is not enough to truly harness the powers of LinkedIn. If your business is relatively active on social media, you may already have a LinkedIn company page but there are likely many more things you can be doing to further make use of this professional tool. Regardless of what you want to achieve through your activity on LinkedIn, your employees can be a great asset. Like on any social platform, users are much more willing to take advice or interact with humans than they are with brands. Take advantage of this by utilizing your employees and their presence on LinkedIn in the following ways.


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Every professional has a set of tools they just cannot live without and our office is no different. Of course, our preferred tools change over time as new technology hits the shelves or our job descriptions evolve however it's important to find tools you can trust and add value to your work life. To spread awareness of the products and software we find most useful in our work, we've compiled this (incomplete and ever-changing) list.


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