Big Takeaways from #RocksDigital Conference 2017

Digital Marketing Insights from Industry Leaders Two of our team members, Kristen Torgerson and Chris Bingham, attended the 2017 Rocks Digital Conference in Addison, TX on Friday and gained valuable insights on how they can better their [...]

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Top 3 Takeaways of Digital Summit Dallas Day 2

Day two at Digital Summit Dallas certainly did not disappoint! It was a whirlwind of coffee, speakers, classes, and more coffee. I was very strategic about the classes I attended today, and it paid off because I heard a consistent [...]

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Top 5 Takeaways of Digital Summit Dallas Day 1

Wow, what a first day of Digital Summit Dallas! This is one of the premier digital marketing events in the nation, and I'm lucky enough to be attending this year representing Atomic Design & Consulting. Apart from all of the [...]

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9 Tech Resolutions You Should Make for 2016

With the end of 2015 nearing and beginning of 2016 on the horizon, many people will soon flock to the gyms, cut down on their (more than) daily Starbucks runs, start to read actual books again, and maybe even cut [...]

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Inside Atomic: Tools We Can’t Live Without

Every professional has a set of tools they just cannot live without and our office is no different. Of course, our preferred tools change over time as new technology hits the shelves or our job descriptions evolve however it’s important [...]

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Marketing Podcasts You Should Listen To (Curated List)

In order to keep current with marketing trends, events, and changes in our industry; our office listens to podcasts to keep us in at the lead of the digital marketing life. We listen while we're driving, working out, working, or [...]

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Accept You’re Not on the Same Page: Paving the Way for a Successful Website Project

You're Not on the Same Page Imagine booking a trip to Hawaii only to find out when you arrive that the travel package doesn't include any sandy, mai tai-filled excursions. Disappointed? What if your travel agent responded, "But you didn't [...]

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The Commoditization of Web Design: Don’t Panic, Just Change Your Game

Anyone can make a website today. In fact, sites like Wordpress andSquarespace make it downright easy to achieve. And while self-hosted Wordpress sites are a little tougher to put together, most hosts will get the install up and running using [...]

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Breaking Down Silos: Creating Collaboration in Your Online Marketing Teams

Of the many challenges that face online marketing agencies, one seems to effect most organizations unilaterally - silos. As we get caught up in the day-to-day grind, it's natural for us to fall into a routine, only questioning our process [...]

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Are You a Trustworthy Individual, Brand, Organization?

Since the more recent updates of Google's Panda and Penguinalgorithms, it seems that more and more individuals, brands, and organizations are talking about trust in late 2012 and now in 2013.  Just like the world of search engine optimization, organically [...]

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