2017 Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing and changing industries we've ever seen. As the new year is already off to a fast start, digital marketing trends in 2017 is something on everybody's mind. As a local digital marketing [...]

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Review: The Pros and Cons of Layers for WordPress

Recently, the team at Obox released a highly touted Wordpress CMS theme called Layers. Everyone sang the praises of how it's the easiest thing to use, and best of all it's FREEEEEE! The intent is to create a theme that [...]

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Accept You’re Not on the Same Page: Paving the Way for a Successful Website Project

You're Not on the Same Page Imagine booking a trip to Hawaii only to find out when you arrive that the travel package doesn't include any sandy, mai tai-filled excursions. Disappointed? What if your travel agent responded, "But you didn't [...]

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5 SEO Questions to Ask a Web Developer before Hiring Them

When our company gets intereviewed for web development jobs, we hear the same questions: What will my site look like? Can we make it do this? How much does it cost?   Rarely do we have prospects ask about how [...]

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You Can’t Ignore Mobile Anymore

The old way of doing things Until last year, having a "mobile-friendly" site simply meant that your content was capable of loading on all mobile devices. That meant no Flash and no broken elements on mobile. Because of this, many [...]

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Website Planning: Understanding and Creating Site Maps

What this post is about: Creating a Site Map to use as the roadmap for the creation of your website. What this post isn't about: Creating a sitemap.xml file for Google or general SEO. Over the past year I have [...]

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How to Select a Quality Web Developer

There's no mystery to it. It's much like anything else you research when attempting to decide who to give your business to. If your air conditioner breaks down, you probably go online and do a Google search. Take a look [...]

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“Joomla” – Huh???

I am currently in the process of transition my career from traditional print media graphic design to the web design/development field. As part of this process, I am enrolled in the web development certificate program at Collin College. I expect [...]

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The Story of a Marketing Man, Rico

You start out with a degree from a four year university sprinkle in some fun and joy, and then presto you have a selling machine. They want to take the heart of your company and make it pump blood to [...]

The Idiot’s Guide to Website Fonts

For many years now, it has been widely accepted that you should only use web-safe fonts on your website. Web-safe fonts are fonts that are widely available for use among the various operating systems. This includes fonts such as Arial, [...]

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