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Top digital marketing trends for 2019

In the final quarter of 2018 we are reassessing our marketing philosophies in anticipation of the new year. The greatest philosophy change is the full adoption of inbound marketing and the shedding of outbound frameworks like email campaigns, simplistic blogging, and social media management. These marketing tactics aren’t dead but reinvented to create more meaningful content that generates conversions. Get a jump start on the most anticipated digital marketing trends of 2019

Software stacks 

Digital marketing has become too complex for any one tool to complete all marketing requirements. A variety of tools for analytics, management, hosting, and design are necessary. Here are some of our favorites: SEMRush, Hubspot, WordPress, Google Analytics, Wrike, and Chatmeter.

Expanding roles

To keep up with the digital innovations and technology advancements, marketing departments need to know marketing foundations, software, analytics and metrics, acquire leads and make conversions. Marketing automation is becoming more encompassing to help alleviate the repetitive tasks bogging down productivity.  

5G will kill ad blockers

Service providers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon have been testing 5G in select cities throughout the U.S. already. 2019 guarantees more coverage from more service providers.

Users want uninterrupted browsing and ads slow this process resulting in ad blocking. The release of 5G, the FCC claims is 1,000 times faster than 4G, will allow faster processing and marketers with more capabilities in creating complex content that will actually reach users.

AI marketing

Predictions show data and analytics will convert to machine learning for the use of artificial intelligence as the main tool for customized marketing. AI will innovate marketing to hyper-personalized ads creating a one-to-one selling landscape, that will require a replanning of marketing teams and functions.

Chatbot advancements

Chatbots might not be a major focus in your marketing department now but your marketing data will make chatbot engagement more advanced in 2019. Chatbots will be tailored to customers to better fit language and promotion needs and increase conversions.

Consumption-based pricing for IT

Flat rates for IT services are being replaced by consumption-based pricing. This pricing model expansion is a major advantage for marketers that work on projects that vary drastically in data usage. Pay as you go, for only what you need is going to be a huge trend in 2019.

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