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#SinglesAwarenessDay #GalentinesDay – February 14th can be a tricky holiday for brands to master. There are several audiences who each want to be involved in their own way of celebrating, and those who just plain hate it. The Atomic team has put together some smart marketing ideas to help businesses stand out among all the hearts and flowers, and show their customers love all year long.

Email Can Be So Sweet

Email and email automation are great digital tools that marketers can use to send some love to their customers and earn the attention of new ones. Personalizing your emails with names and product favorites shows that you pay attention to who they are and what they like. Many businesses send birthday emails and offers, so change it up and celebrate the anniversary of their first purchase with you.

Sometimes, just saying thank you when it’s not expected is just the love they needed, so thank your customers for no reason at all. Offering a special discount doesn’t hurt either. With some smart audience segmenting and DRIP campaigns, you’ll be spreading the love with heartfelt efficiency and meaning.

Marketing Love Languages

A great online review is the business equivalent of a love note. Share the love and show your customers that you recognize and value their opinions by featuring their reviews now, and throughout the year. Have several branded templates prepared so you can pop the review text into a quick graphic, and make it special. It’s easier to see and respond to your reviews with a review management platform as well, which has proven to be a great tool for our local business clients.

Where is the Love?

Location-based marketing gives businesses a chance to reach out whenever their potential Valentine’s are nearby. Don’t be afraid to send funny love notes along with your discounts and deals. It’s OK, get a reputation for being a fool, as long as it’s all done with love.

Love is not a Contest

Unless, well,… it is a contest. Contests and giveaways can give you a fun and engaging way to get people excited about your brand. This can also be a great chance to get more user generated content, exposure, and build your contact list. Our favorite Valentine’s themed example: Share Your Worst Valentine’s Gift & Win a Better One!

Check Meowt

Pets are loved by their owners, AND people who just like to watch funny cat videos. Don’t forget to celebrate how much we love our furry friends. If you don’t own a pet store, you may think you can’t get involved in this. But you can! A great example of this is a fence repair business that shares local pet adoption events, and tips for making sure your yard is pet-friendly. Also, more funny pet videos never hurt anyone.

Get Engaged

Social media monitoring can help you find opportunities to reach out and give some online love back to your followers. We’ve also seen organic social reach expanded by using Facebook live and other similar tools. That virtual facetime can be well worth the effort if your customers want to hear from you, or you have something interesting to talk about. Be Present. Even if it’s just online.

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