The show was a great success. We thank the team over at ICCB for putting together such a great event and attracting quality businesses to the expo. We not only recieved highly qualified business leads but also ‘stirred things up’ a bit with our lounge. We wanted to develop an atmosphere that matched the creative side of our business and it worked.

There were groups of people lounging around the booth, enjoying the online slot machine (and gettting exctied when they lit up as winners)  and we established some great new relationships from the event!  This is our fourth year to be an exhibitor at the expo and each year the show gets better.

“I couldn’t help but come see what you do…” stated one visitor “… your booth design, music, and overall atmosphere surrounding the entire thing was an amazing draw.”  If you didn’t get to come out and see us at the Expo look for us next year and at other events that we will announce in our news area as they are scheduled.

We look forward to next year and hope to build upon this year’s success!

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