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We’re all in a heightened state of security lately and with good reason. With the Equifax breach, we should all be a little more concerned with security as we’re surfing the internet. You are probably not collecting the same kind of information Equifax is, but you should be just as concerned about your website security as they should have been.

Our Advice:

If you’re expecting people to trust you any personal information, you should give them a small measure of relief by installing an SSL on your website.

My colleague, Jeremy Bermender, covered several reasons for installing an SSL on your website in his blog post related to Google Chrome wanting SSLs on your website. Go check that out on our blog.

Chromium announced that in October 2017 that they are going to start displaying a “Not Secure” tag in the URL bar if a site does not have an SSL installed and there are form fields present that can contain potentially sensitive data – such as an email address – to alert the user that their information is not secured.

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We follow a best practice of installing SSLs on the website that we develop, and would be happy to assist you with the process of getting a site set up with an SSL. It does involve some investment, but the advantages are soon going to outweigh the costs. Contact us today to get started!

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