Atomic has recently launched the Davey O’Brien Foundation’s new web site and email marketing campaigns. Atomic worked with the Davey O’Brien Foundation and Pugh and Company to kick off a new and exciting online offering for the O’Brien.

The Davey O’Brien Foundation is the premier quarterback award for college football with former winners such as Vince Young, Troy Aikman, Peyton Manning, and Doug Flutie. The foundation decided to allow their selection committee and fans to vote for their favorite college quarterback online! Atomic put together a backend system that allowed Davey staff to easily manage the voting rounds and approved quarterbacks. A system was put in place to only allow fans to vote every 24 hours. All of the votes are then tallied and displayed on a current standings page along with a bar graph that visually shows where their favorite quarterback stands in the rankings!

Atomic is also working with the foundation to develop email marketing campaigns to remind and encourage registered fans to vote and spread the word… and it seems to be working! Fans are signing up and voting at an amazing pace and as the voting for each round comes to a close we anticipate that rate to steadily increase.

About the Davey O’Brien Foundation
The Davey O’Brien Foundation believes that leadership on the football field is a powerful force that inspires leadership in the other areas of life. Davey O’Brien translated his prowess as a high school, college and professional quarterback into a life of service and success. In his honor and memory, the Foundation recognizes champions on the field through its national awards program and encourages promising athletes’ academic and career success through scholarships and support.

The Foundation believes that the teamwork and camaraderie of athletics build character and leadership. Its programs encourage those qualities in honor of a man who was a true leader on and off the field. The award recipients exemplify O’Brien’s enduring character while exhibiting teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership and character in both the athletic and academic arenas.

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