Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing and changing industries we’ve ever seen. As the new year is already off to a fast start, digital marketing trends in 2017 is something on everybody’s mind. As a local digital marketing agency, it’s important for us to be at the tip of the spear when it comes to latest trends and topics in digital marketing! Here is a list of content the team at Atomic has complied with the latest digital marketing trends of 2017.


Social Messaging

The need for faster and more efficient communication is something that will dominate social media play in 2017. Between major apps like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and WhatsApp, companies are pushing users off SMS toward social platforms.


Millenial Engagement

With a recent study that finds 41% of millennials still on Facebook, the boundaries are becoming more and more defined. Facebook has made enormous efforts to keep the generation on its social platform with a mass exodus of users leaving for more tailored and meaningful social experiences.


Improving Paid Traffic

Using data to target specific groups with specific interests will be another social trend going into 2017. Because of new data being provided, we are able to narrow down paid social traffic with better click through ratios and impressions by selecting more qualified users.


Local Events

Learning from the best around is a trend you don’t want to miss. You can learn from other’s mistakes and successes by listening to great advice. If you’re located in the DFW area – check out Social Media Breakfast. This is a monthly event you can attend for free!




Expect designers to stray away from just the static image and use animation to enhance users experience. Animation can provide storytelling and personality from your brand easier and faster than video or text. If the animation is designed strategically and with intent, it can elevate your web design. With that being said don’t go overboard with the animation! You don’t want your site to look too busy or take too long to load.


Break the Grid

Websites flat design are beginning to look all too similar. Designers are seeking innovative ways to present information to their viewers and increasingly beginning to break the grid rules in hopes of executing creativity. This can be a great way to show brand personality or reinforce content. However, before you go out and start breaking all the grid rules to be trendy examine your audience and message to determine if it is appropriate.


Authentic Photography

This year will be a step towards sincere candid photography. Stock photos are easy to spot, often overlooked and have the tendency to reduce trust in your brand. Consumers desire a certain authenticity and identity from their brands that stock images lacks. Recent studies have shown that images with real people have a better chance at converting visitors than those with stock photos. Although this year will make a great stride in reducing stock photography it will probably be a long time before the cheesy stock photography disappears forever.



Mobile First Websites

Mobile first has been taking over as the way to design a website for a while now, but with mobile devices now holding over 50% of the market share, it’s even more important that this become the norm. Google is now indexing pages from a site using the mobile version of the site’s content and penalizing sites that have intrusive mobile popups.

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HTTPS and Encryption

HTTPS has been a ranking factor in Google search engine results since 2014. Starting this year WordPress will only be promoting hosting partners that provide an SSL certificate by default going forward. This is a big push to make the web a safer and more secure place. Take a look at Let’s Encrypt if your provider doesn’t offer SSL encryption.