We all know and love Twitter. We have seen how useful it is in communicating, marketing, and as a news source. Twitter is not just a local or national tool though, it is worldwide. Up to this point, we can read tweets that are in English, unless you were privileged or gifted enough to have learned another language. I do know a few words in several languages, like most people, but certainly not enough to decipher a message. That doesn’t matter anymore.

Twitter is changing the game again by releasing a translating service for tweets powered by Bing. According to Mashable, it was released to select individuals recently to begin using. This innovative new take on tweeting will allow you to read tweets from all over the world, regardless of language barriers.

This is such an exciting step forward for social media. Linking the world on twitter in this manner allows for a flow of ideas, news, and information to be seen by a huge audience you could not have reached this easily, if at all. I hope to get my hands on this tool soon and begin tweeting all over the globe! Merci, Twitter! Danke, grazie,takk…well, I’ll leave it to Twitter to translate my gratitude to the rest of the world.

For more information, read the article from Mashable, and take a look at a fascinating Infographic about how the world uses social networks, what percentage uses them and what the top networks are. I think the numbers might surprise you!

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