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HubSpot Product Keynote

Nicholas Holland, Lou Orfanos, Michael Redbord, and Nancy Riley, HubSpot

HubSpot’s product GMs are pulling back the curtain to give you insight into what their teams are building and why. You’ll hear about soon-to-be-released features from each product line — Marketing, Sales, Service and Connect — before launching to the general public so you’re ready to bring these new products to market with your clients.

hubspot partner day 2019 keynote
hubspot agency partner day 2019 grow better

Agency Notes

Key theme: Grow Better

Back in 2011, the company focus was inbound marketing, all-in-one, and services. In 2019, HubSpot has evolved to the Flywheel – or “Growing Better.” Services has evolved to partners and platforms.

What hasn’t changed?

Software -> People -> Philosophy

Revision of the HubSpot Partner Program
Katie Ng-Mack VP, Global Partner Strategy & Operations

Customers are changing, and business are responding by investing in world-class customer experiences

More and more, business are turning to software to deliver on those experiences. Most mid-size businesses use 75 software apps to run their business. Among the biggest challenges are integrating different software platforms.

Service providers are evolving because their clients needs are changing.

“Creating meaningful connections between customers and partners is more important than ever.” – Katie Ng-Mack

Partner Program changes in 2020 – goes live in February 2020

  • Grow
    • Refreshing Partner Tiers
      • Ensure tiers have real differentiation
      • Recalibrate targets to align with partner grown
      • Simplify entry for service providers
    • Today
      • Silver
      • Gold
      • Platinum
      • Diamond
    • 2020
      • Provider – entry level
        • Starts with HubSpot certification and starter product
      • Partner – in place of Silver
      • Gold
      • Platinum
      • Diamond
      • Elite Tier [NEW]
        • $50K sold MRR and $150K managed MRR
        • Maintain C$R minimum
        • Benefits
          • to be finalized in early 2020 at formal rollout
  • Partner
    • Sold MRR doesn’t reflect quality of work, which is why they’re changing the Sold MRR minimums
    • HubSpot is creating a multi product platform
    • Credit & Commissions
  • Connect
    • Customer needs are becoming more sophisticated
    • Advanced Implementation Certification [NEW]
      • Focused on agencies that specialize in HubSpot CRM implementation
      • The credential will be customer facing
      • Certified partners will be matched with good-fit customers
    • Advanced Website Implementation Certifications [NEW]
      • Coming Soon
      • Focused on partners that focus on mid-market customers
    • Partner Directory
      • HubSpot is making changes to make agencies with good-fit customers
      • Customers will now be able to filter by certifications
      • Will included CMS implementation
      • Long term plan – turn directory into a marketplace


hubspot partner tiers mrr

Nicolas Holland – @nicholasholland
Manager of Marketing Hub

Product Spotlight

Tons of growth has happened in 5 years – HubSpot CRM, Sales Hub, Service Hub. The rapid development came with problems that made the product “rough around the edges.”


  • Two-factor authentication
    • Now available for all HubSpot accounts
    • Reach out to clients to turn this on – “it’s a great reason to connect with customers”

“There is only one true differentiator left” – the experience you create for customers! HubSpot gives you the tools to create that experience.

Marketing Hub

  • Allows markets to architect the customer experience
  • Most people think people feel interrupted – the idea is to create inbound
    • Smart Content Reporting [NEW]
    • Simple kickback Emails in Forms [NEW]
      • Follows up with contact when they submit a form – even free account
    • Full Permissioning [New]
      • Full role customizations by features
  • Make HubSpot easier to use
    • Drag and drop landing pages – coming to starter accounts [NEW]
  • Free Email
    • Now available for free accounts – up to 2000 sends [New]
  • Ads
    • Linkedin and Facebook ad creation [New]
    • 1 place to report on account performance
    • In July – there was 81 million dollars flowing through the Ad network
  • Adaptive Page Testing [New] – marketing enterprise
    • Create 5 landing pages and the machine learning goes beyond A/B testing
      • Some customers are seeing 10X lead conversion improvements

Sales Hub

“Most people feel hassled and sales people don’t actually care about their products” – 33% of a sales reps time is spend actually selling.

  • New contact record design – 50% faster
  • Improvements to meetings – bi-directional sync with Office 365 and integration with Zoom
  • Duplicate contact management
    • Machine learning powered contact merging
  • Playbooks
    • Autosave notes
    • Still only available for Enterprise level accounts
  • Buy Now Button
    • Integrates with Stripe
    • Integrates with workflow – notifies account or create a service ticket

Services Hub

Create extraordinary customer experiences

“We barely remember the sales opportunities that were lost, but we almost always lost customers”

  • Restricted Article Access [New]
    • Manage who has access to better serve customers
  • Kickback emails in tickets [New]
    • Automatically follow up with customers to let them know their ticket is being serviced
  • Knowledge Base improvements [New]
    • Embed code snippets, emojis, tables
  • Forms and Facebook messenger [New]
    • Engage customers in the conversations inbox across any channel they use
  • Advocacy Automation [New]
    • Help agencies take action on customer sentiment to grow your business

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