For anyone that has somehow managed to avoid the internet for a week (we obviously LOVE social media—but still—feel free to divulge any secrets on how to pull that off) we’ve got everything that you’ve missed wrapped up in our weekly Social Media Roundup!

(you know you want to see why Bieber has a boxing glove next to him, right?)

Five-year-old Sadie Miller had an existential crisis.

Been there, done that Sadie, but we feel you.

Cupcakes are officially declared dead.

Well, gourmet cupcakes that is. Although the trendy dessert has seen a decline since 2013, the cupcake chain store Crumbs has begun closing its 50 locations in 10 states. View the story on TheWeek.

Slingshot or Bolt – both were accidentally leaked and both are Facebook and Instagram’s (who’s owned by Facebook) response to the still popular and still relevant Snapchat.

We don’t know, but we may just keep using Snapchat. Nice try, Facebook! Read about the showdown on LinkedIn.

Orlando Bloom tried to punch Justin Bieber.

’nuff said. Get the full scoop at BuzzFeed.

From paper to projection: three books-turned-movies premiered their trailers this week.

It’s been a big week for book-to-big-screen adaptations this week. After a series of short teaser trailers, a longer (still teaser!) trailer for the two part finale, Mockingjay of the popular “Hunger Games” trilogy was released (intern Gaby Sosa shamelessly cannot contain excitement while writing this). It’s the beginning of the end for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, which was divided into three separate films, marked by the release of a teaser trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies this past Monday. And after Beyoncé’s Instagram teaser for Fifty Shades of Grey featuring a remix of “Crazy in Love” a caused a huge stir, the extremely anticipated trailer was finally released several days later.

Fido Faints

Have you ever loved someone so much you fainted after not seeing them for two years? This Schnauzer did

Automated Thanking Machines

That puppy reunion video didn’t make you tear up even a little bit? You must be a robot, but probably not an ATM at TD Bank, which became “Automated Thanking Machines,” as a way to thank regulars for their business.

Drumming for Change

And if those videos still didn’t make you cry, surely this video of a bucket-drummer helping a homeless man will.

ys, beauty is in the eye of the makeup brush.

Take a look at these makeup before-and-after’s on BuzzFeed. Makes you wonder if Photoshop goes beyond the screen…

Image Source(s):
– BuzzFeed
– LinkedIn

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