These days, almost every business has a web site to promote and grow their business. The question is: how do they intend to utilize it? How will they remain top of mind and keep their current and potential customers informed about their latest trends and offerings? More importantly, how can they encourage their target audience to come back to their site and drive revenue? One of the most highly targeted and cost effective ways to accomplish this is, Email marketing. Is your company still using direct mail? Do you   do any marketing of your web presence at all? If so, I’d ask you the simple question of “why”? Email marketing allows your business the opportunity to communicate special promotions, upcoming events, or share any critical information with your target immediately and at a lower cost.

What every business wants to know is how will it help their business? What are the advantages of Email marketing? For starters, it’s inexpensive to distribute, it’s instantaneous, it’s measurable and it’s being sent to someone who actually requested to receive your information. How many of you come home at night and check the mail only to find a large stack of solicitations you don’t even read? How frustrating is it to find the advertisements taped or rubber banded to your front door handle? Do you want to be that business? Each day, more of your customers and prospects are relying on mobile devices to obtain information and conduct their day. Email allows you the opportunity to reach your audience no matter where they are 24/7. Imagine if you Emailed a special offer and your customer receives it on their phone while they’re out and they decide to come take advantage of it immediately. You just brought someone into your business that might not have gotten your communication and may have missed out on the special all together.

Imagine if that customer was so thrilled about your offer that they forwarded your Email onto all of their friends. Birds of a feather flock together. Chances are you just increased your customer base without even knowing who they are. Ultimately, businesses want to know what the ROI is on any investment they make. The usage of email allows you to see if they’ve opened your message, if they clicked thru on it, where they went to on your site, what steps they took throughout the process. Providing the security of knowing whether your marketing efforts are working or not, saving you time and money, while improving results.

Email Marketing is not the wave of the future it’s something available today. A web site is a must have but email marketing is one critical component in driving the performance of your site. Would you prefer to run your business with the concept that your customers will check your web site on a regular basis on their own? Or, would you rather be certain that you’re remaining top of mind and incentivizing them to visit your site through the usage of Email marketing?.

The choice is clear. Visit our online portfolio at evaluate some of the custom designed email campaigns we conduct for our clients on a daily basis and contact us for any additional information you may need.

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