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In order to keep current with marketing trends, events, and changes in our industry; our office listens to podcasts to keep us in at the lead of the digital marketing life. We listen while we’re driving, working out, working, or whenever we can sneak in more time.

What Podcasts Do You Listen to?

It is a question that I’m frequently asked; so we thought it was time to share a list of the most popular podcasts in our office. Some are local Dallas podcasts while others may not directly be related to marketing but are more general things to help keep us well rounded.

If you have any you think we should check out, please let us know – tweet @AtomicJackie or leave a message below! (ps. this list isn’t in any order)

marketing over coffee podcast

(Typical podcast length: 20 minutes)

For me, this is where my love for podcasts started!

A weekly show with hosts Christopher Penn and John J. Wall. It is a quick show and covers a lot of great topics and always on point with changes in Facebook APIs, ad platforms, etc. Occasionally they will interview someone as opposed to the normal banter between Chris and John. I prefer the Chris & John format over the interviews, but there have been several good interviews as well.

webmaster radio podcast

(Typical podcast length: 30 – 40 minutes)

This is a great podcast that covers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to help get your website ranked higher on Google. Hosts Ross Dunn and John Carcutt share news and tips about trends in search optimization. They are primarily focused on beginner style information; but on occasion (and my favorite when they do) they dig deeper and really get under the hood and tackle tough issues. They also have a very active Google+ community that I love to participate in as well. Go over, check it out, join the conversation, and subscribe to the podcast.

entrepreneur on fire podcast

(Typical podcast length: 1 hour)

This is a relatively new one for me; however I really enjoy it. Host John Lee Dumas (@johnleedumas) produces a DAILY podcast. That’s right, I said daily, and thus takes some commitment to listen to all of the shows but they are produced really well and full of great interviews and tips. John interviews business owners and covers topics from marketing, motivation, health and a whole host of other areas that business owners typically need guidance. I would suggest becoming part of #FireNation. Listen, do, and grow!

SocialPros iTunesArtwork 001 02

(Typical podcast length: 45 minutes)

This marketing podcast was recently voted as one of the most popular marketing podcasts. Host Jay Baer (@jaybaer) interviews people out working in social media for some of the largest companies in the world. It gives a great insider’s view to issues they must deal with, how they are organized and some of the great things they are doing in the social media & marketing world.

ewebresults seo podcast

(Typical podcast length: 45 minutes)

Punch in face to Chris Burress and Charles Lewis (listen to their podcast and you will learn that a punch in the face is a good thing) – eWebStyle is a company in Houston Texas and they tackle more SEO topics as well. A great addition to the SEO101 podcast mentioned earlier. These guys are having fun what they are doing but still sharing some great tips and news. Again, being in the industry I personally crave more in-depth tactics and case studies, but they do cover a full host of topics and give a lot of great advice!

small business big marketing podcast

(Typical podcast length: usually around 30-40 minutes)

This is another podcast that I’ve been listening to for years!!

Timbo Reid (@timboreid) interviews guests weekly to talk about how they have grown their business. I really enjoy the podcast, they share great ideas for growing your business both online and off and Timbo has a very engaging and fun-to-listen to personality. Definitely worth a listen and add to your subscribed channels.

six pixels of seperation podcast

(Typical podcast length: 30-40 minutes)

Yet another great marketing podcast. Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel)brings you digital marketing and media hacking insights. Honestly, with as many podcasts that I listen to, I have missed the last several shows and writing this has reminded me that I need to give it some more listening time. Some recent casts include “The business of podcasting”, “Louder than words with Todd Henry”, and the “Live and Streaming Brand.”

manager tools podcast

(Typical podcast length: 20-40 minutes)

Their tag line on the site says it all… “Be a better manager”  – Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman are true professionals. They cover a full host of topics all related to being a better manager. They cover topics from holding meetings, reviews, discussing difficult employee situations and much more. Their content is always spot on and the podcast is very professionally done. If you manage people or want to – you should check this podcast out!

the beancast podcast

(Typical podcast length: usually around 1 hour)

Bob Knorpp, the host of the show, brings you all sorts of marketing news and issues facing marketers today. Sometimes it may be a three to four personal panel, while others may be a recurring group but always good information. Some recent podcasts include “The McWhopper”, “The Circle of Strife”, “The end of Generational Marketing.” Big fan of the show and yet another I need to go back and re-invest some more time catching up.

duct tape marketing podcast

(Typical podcast length: 20 minutes)

A weekly podcast brought to you by John Jantsch (@ducttape). Some recent topics include things like “Why backlinks still matter for SEO”, “Selling on LinkedIn”, “Your attention span is shorter than a goldfish.” John is the author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Referral Engine and The Commitment Engine. John focuses on simple, effective and affordable small business marketing tips. The show length is perfect to take your dog on a quick walk. Get out, get educated, and get happy.

internet business mastery podcast

(Typical podcast length: 1 hour)

This was also one of the first podcasts that I started listening to years ago. This podcast, hosted by Jeremy Frandsen (@jeremyfrandsen) and Jason Van Orden (@jasonvo)) primarily teaches people how to open or create online businesses. Escape the cubicle. They share success stories of people whom they have helped discover success online and share great tips on growing your business. Great banter between the two and it has been a pleasure listening to them as they have grown their internet empire!

get it done guy podcast

(Typical podcast length: 5-10 minutes)

This is a super-fast podcast (as the name implies) that covers tips on becoming more effective. The quote from his website reads “I’m devoted to helping you live up to your potential and reach your goals. Using my productivity tools and systems, you can work less, do more, and have a great life.” Stever Robbins (@GetItDoneGuy) is easy to listen to, uses just the right amount of humor and gets to the point quickly on this podcast.

marketing companion podcast

(Typical podcast length: 30 minutes)

Hosted by Mark Schaefer (@MarkWSchaefer)  and Tom Webster (@webby2001), this show covers marketing news and trends. Mark has written 5 best-selling books including Social Media Explained and The Content Code. Some recent casts include “Telltale signs that it’s time to end your business” , “The influence marketing show”, and “The real story about real-time marketing.” Great collaboration from these two and they share a ton of great tips I’m sure you will enjoy!

marketing smarts podcast

Marketing Smarts by MarketingProfs

(Typical podcast length: 30 minutes)

Another great podcast and put out by the great people over at Marketing Profs. A weekly podcast that features in-depth interviews with some of the movers and shakers in the social media marketing landscape. This week they feature Chris Brogan, someone that has been speaking and leading on social media for many years now. Just an example of some of the heavy hitters that frequent this show. Definitely worth adding to your listening list!

serial podcast

(Typical podcast length: usually around 20 minutes)

This is one of the few podcasts that I listened to that was not about self-improvement or business development. This was a 12 part podcast that chronicled and reviewed all of the evidence in a murder case to try and determine whether the conviction was good or not. A new series is slated to start sometime in late 2015 – so get ready. A very good podcast and a nice break from the all business types I typically listen to.

social media marketing podcast

Social Media Marketing Podcast by Social Media Examiner

(Typical podcast length: 35-55 minutes)

This podcast is another must listen to. They also have an incredible community and conference they host each year. This podcast is hosted by Michael Stelzner (@Mike_Stelzner) and features interviews with many great authors and do’ers of all things social. Some recent casts include “Finding your Spoken Voice – How to become believable”, “Getting Attention: The science of being captivating online”, and “Content for business: How to build your business on a solid content foundation.” He reviews and bring light to tools and tactics that help us all do our digital marketing jobs better.

art of charm podcast

(Typical podcast length: 1 hour)

Another new one to my list of podcasts that I listen to. This podcast appears to have started as one to help men become better men with dating advice, self-improvement and the likes. It feels as the show must have changed to be more business and personal growth as of late though – which is fine by me as I don’t believe my wife would take too kindly of me learning how to pick up dates. <grin> I REALLY enjoy the show and the guests that Jordan Harbinger brings on the show. Some of recent favorites have been “Steps to a productive Day” and “Procrastinate on Purpose.” Go check it out, subscribe, and love it!

startup dallas podcast

(Typical podcast length: 1 hour)

I have just recently discovered and started listening to this podcast, but as I live and work in the Dallas area and have worked with Jason (@jcroftmagic) on a project forSocial Media Breakfast Dallas, I feel very inclined to include it. Thus far I have not been let down with the quality of the interviews, show production, or information I learn from listening to this podcast. Jason has a great interview style and I’m sure this podcast will be something you can get great value from, especially if you live and work here in Dallas, TX. Jason, if you ever need a person to interview, reach out to me, always happy to jump in!

school of greatness podcast

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

(Typical podcast length: 1 hour)

This is another podcast that I recently started listening to but have really enjoyed and benefited from with great advice. On a weekly basis; Lewis Howes (@lewishowes) interviews top performers from all sorts of business types and industries and talks about their experience and advice to achieving success. As a formal professional athlete and now internet  marketer and business person, Lewis brings great insight and asks very revealing questions of his guests. Although I have only been listening for a month or so, I look forward to each episode that gets released. Keep up the great work Lewis!

I will continue to update this list and try to keep it current as I discover new and informative podcasts that I believe you will enjoy. Until next time, have a fantastic day and make it powerful!

perpetual traffic podcast

Perpetual Traffic with Keith Krance, Molly Pittman, Ralph Burns

(Typical podcast length: 30-45 minutes)

I recently (a few months now) started listening to and have really enjoyed and benefited from the advice & tips. A new “must-listen”. On a weekly basis; Keith, Molly, and Ralph discuss ‘deeper-dive’ techniques and strategies for Paid social media campaigns that are working today. They  interview top performers from all sorts of business types and industries and talk about their experience and advice to achieving success. This podcast is a great way to keep current with  the ever-changing landscape that is paid social media advertising. I’m confident you will learn something new with every episode!

I will continue to update this list and try to keep it current as I discover new and informative podcasts that I believe you will enjoy. Until next time, have a fantastic day and make it powerful!

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