There aren’t many people who haven’t heard about the Twitter drama that took place over this past weekend. First, it started with a Dutch teenager named Sarah threatening American airlines via Twitter on Sunday.

American Airlines quickly responded to the threatening tweet, and shortly thereafter, erased the conversation.

How serious is Twitter? When does a joke go too far? Read more to learn how to Tweet and when to keep your chirps to yourself.

Yesterday, US Airways tweeted a completely inappropriate photo in response to a complaint via Twitter.

These two major missteps in “Twettiquite” have cause us at Atomic to wonder if people need to relearn how to use the popular social media tool.

Here are some tips for you and your famous friends:


For your average Joes and Janes:

Don’t post anything threatening on Social Media. Even if you think it is funny. Period.

Don’t publicly post anything you wouldn’t want to show your 85 year old great grandma, potential employer, or kindergarten class at the local elementary school.

Definitely don’t do either of these things while Tweeting at someone (especially if they are famous).

For the public entities (companies & celebrities):

Don’t post anything threatening on Social Media. Even if you think it is funny. Period.

Make sure you are posting the correct photo!!

Rise above the crazy: no Twitter battles, no rage/alcohol/boredom induced 140 character rants, and no erasing negative (but legitimate) feedback — respond professionally or not at all.


Yes, Twitter is a social communicator, but it is also an involuntary marketing tool. Whether you like it or not, social media profiles represent who you are as a person or brand. Only you can prevent PR fires! Think before you Tweet, post, or upload!

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