With dominate apps like Facebook and Twitter, useful (and free!) apps can sometimes get overlooked.

Whether you wanted to look for a local spot to grab a familiar slice, or you simply wanted to organize your busy social life, we’ve all had that moment when we say to ourselves: ‘I wish there was an app for that.’ Well, the app genie has granted your wish with a breakdown of some of the best apps your money doesn’t have to buy!

Petcentric (Lifestyle)
For that furry companion in your life and all of your adventures together, this app finds pet friendly hotels, restaurants, and bars in your area. It also locates dog parks, pet stores, animal shelters, pet sitters, local vets, kennels, groomers, and more. Since users can add locations that do not already exist in the app, the more users in your area, the better. With this app, you can also watch pet videos, read pet articles, and view/upload pet photos. Available for iPhone and Android.

Ness (Food & Drink)
Not sure what you are in the mood to eat? Ness makes the decision easier with a personalized set of recommendations, fine-tuned by your ratings. Connect to your Facebook and Foursquare friends for a wider range of reviews and insights to good eats. Ness also provides menus and reservations options for some restaurants. Available for iPhone.

InstaBlend (Photo & Video)
Love Instagram, but want even more photo editing options? InstaBlend touts itself as “the arty double exposure blender”. Although some may argue whether it really is double exposure, the app allows users to merge multiple images with different levels of “exposure”, transparency to create a unique and artistic look. Available for iPhone.

MagicPlan (Utilities)
Looking to rearrange a room but not sure if everything will fit correctly? Moving into a new place and want to create a virtual layout of how furniture should be situated? MagicPlan lets your create floor plans with a few simple clicks of your phone. With a simple 360* turn around the room, use the camera on your device and mark the corners of your space. Once you are done photographing and marking the room, Magic Plan constructs a floor plan. Available for iPhone and Android.

Cal (Productivity)
A simple and smart replacement to the iPhone’s built-in calendar, the Cal app effectively manages your busy life with a slew of helpful extra features. Cal seamlessly connects with your existing calendar, so none of the important details are missed. Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries without skipping a beat with Cal’s contact, location, and social integration, which allows users to plan festivities and send messages within the app itself. Want more from the app? Integrate Cal with the Any.DO app and let your infinite to-do list become a balanced system of plans and tasks. Available for iPhone.

Waze (Travel)
Waze is one of the largest community-based traffic and navigation apps. Join other drivers who share real-time traffic tips and road info, helping save you and others time and gas money on their commute. With Waze, receive alerts before your approach police, accidents, traffic jams, and road hazards – all shared in real-time by other drivers. Available for iPhone andAndroid.

World Lens (Travel)
If you aren’t too familiar with the native language, traveling to a foreign country can be a task in itself. With World Lens, you can quickly navigate public transit, read traffic, and translate street signs with ease. Simply use your camera to take a photo of the sign and World Lens translates the words in real-time. Available for iPhone and Android.

TripLingo (Travel)
Want to travel to foreign countries and mingle with the locals? With TripLingo, overcome the frustrations of the language barrier with access to over 1,000 phrases, the ability to speak with a human translator, and a voice translator. Even better, most features do not require internet connection, so you can interact on the go with locals! Available for iPhone.

Burner (Utilities)
Need a temporary number to sell an item on the internet? Just met someone and not willing to compromise your privacy? Create temporary phone numbers using the Burner app. Keep the temporary phone number for as long as you need and once you’re done, just burn it. Available for iPhone and Android.

CardStar (Lifestyle)
Loyalty rewards? Great. Abundance of plastic keychain cards? Not so great. The CardStar app eliminates keychain clutter by consolidating your loyalty reward and membership cards in one place: on your phone. Instantly access deals, coupons, and rewards linked to your cards with the CardStar app. Available for iPhone and Android.


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