You start out with a degree from a four year university sprinkle in some fun and joy, and then presto you have a selling machine. They want to take the heart of your company and make it pump blood to every body part with more efficiency. The marketing representative has goals and dreams for every potential client to feed into his new and highly educated formula and business model. How do you get him there?

The old model relied on non-targeted lists, cold calling for meetings, then meetings and presentations. These yield a low rate of success for most of the general population of sales because if you’re not Rico Suave your pitch will fall on deaf ears. It’s not because the person is being stubborn, they are just a product of the day and age we live in. Everyone thinks they know what is best for their company and rightly so. Everyone wants to feel they discovered something awesome, in due partly to the vast resources of Google and other publications online. If they see there is a problem they will look it up and try and find a solution as quickly as possible. No one wants to be sold on a product directly.

Buyers Favored Methods for Learning About New Products and Services
– Online Search – 37%
– Email – 32%
– Social Networks – 12%
Marketing Sherpa Study, “What Motivates Buyers to Receive and Engage with Vendor Email”

The internet gives us a new way to target these people and bring them to us. The reason Rico Suave is so successful is because his company has now positioned themselves in front of most of their prospect clients as a reliable source. Drip Marketing is the next step in this marketing game. If Rico Suave wants more sales, he has to think about what his company is doing internally and compile relevant material to circulate around the web and entice prospects to come visit. The strategies include sales readiness, what are some of your prospects searching these days? Is your company’s website and content geared properly to catch them? How many segments do you see to be relevant for your business? Then you must engage people that trip these alarms in your grand house of a website follow them down the driveway of SEO, social media and email marketing and put up a billboard that says, “Hey, if you are interested come over here!” You can do this by providing relevant online discussions or blogs.

The grand house of a website that you have built should have content such as blogging and the white paper plastered on the main hall with some content videos. Then engagement with the inbound and out bound leads to call people to action such as signing up for a newsletter. Then you score everyone who has tripped these alarms with analytics. Then you qualify the appropriate leads to send out the correct Rico Suave to represent your company. From here, it’s the old game of writing proposals and making a decision, but now you have saved your Rico Suave for the right moment when the women across the bar has shown interest in you first. We all know Rico Suave is the best ladies man. He has the inherent skills to pick up on the right signals and sell the person on the fact he has listened and can build a relationship to match those interests. Now he has the ability to seem somewhat telepathic with Drip Marketing and Digital Marketing. Now you can pump blood through your company more efficiently while fulfilling client dreams.

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