Whether you use it daily in conversation or you wish it would disappear from language completely, chances are you have heard of the word “hashtag”.

For those that understand the value of hashtags, they can generate various leads, engagement, and even spark conversation between businesses and the general population (a.k.a. consumers).


In a recent article posted by Social Media Examiner, they outline reasons why you should use a hashtag and even provide you with tools that make tracking hashtags easier.

It’s not just marketers and social media fans that make use or fun of hashtags. The Tonight Show’s newest host, Jimmy Fallon has had his fair share of fun with hashtags in skits. He first debuted his comical take on hashtags with Justin Timberlake in an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.


What is your take on hashtags? Do you use them? If so, what for?
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By Meghan Rossi
Meghan is the Social Media Account Manager at Atomic Design & Consulting.
Atomic’s offices are located just north of Dallas, Texas in Plano. Meghan is an animal lover, car enthusiast, and crafter.

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