I am currently the social media intern here at Atomic, I just started at the beginning of June and I will be the first to say this small-staffed business knows how to work hard and have fun. Most everyone here will go out of their way (or sometimes I’m just on their way) to say hi, but either way they make time.  As a recent graduate of Texas Tech, I have been told many times by many adults that the economy was so bad right now there are no jobs out there. I was told enough times I started believing them.

When I started looking for jobs, I was looking at the bigger advertising firms thinking I could get the best start with someone so established. I soon found that was not true. After I got started at Atomic, I realized that I’m working with multiple clients with a multitude of different needs and concerns from each. I’m learning all sorts of things about social media, it’s way more proactive than I originally thought when I started here. For example, I have written and sent out tweets on specials, found blogs to link to Stumbleupon, and of course gotten hooked on Foursquare it’s for work I promise.

In a smaller place, it is also easier to get to know everyone, including the people with the connections to help you out later on down the road. Those same types of people in a larger firm wouldn’t even know your name to give you a recommendation, but in a smaller firm, those guys will come by and sing you happy birthday in your office.

So, in my young, humble opinion, if you are getting a new start in advertising or really anything, go after those smaller firms. They know what they are doing just as much as the giant corporations and they will be more willing to share their knowledge with you.

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