When sending a newsletter, most of the time we just rush our message and send it ASAP. You have information that you want your customers to know about immediately. Before you send it out there’s something that I want you to think about, and that is, Frequency. Now that word can mean a lot of different things but when it comes to Email Marketing, it refers to number of times per month you email your clients and how often you repeat the same information.

There are 3 things about Frequency that you want to ask yourself:
1. How often do we send newsletters?
2. What day and times are the best to send?
3. What exactly are we sending and what is the goal of that message?

How often should you send a newsletter? It pays to know the answer. Research has proven that 59% of users do not open email newsletters from companies. Why is this? The reason for not regularly opening/reading email marketing messages is that they come too frequently. Make sure you’re not taking too much of your customer’s and prospect’s time and send to them too often. You want them to anxiously anticipate your newsletter. You want them to be like a kid waiting to open presents at Christmas time!

When is the best time to send this information? Take some time and think about what day your clients will be most likely to read your message. When it comes to the day of week to send, well the most popular day for retail is Friday. 42% of US Retailers send promotional emails on that day. If you know that your customers are going to get other promotions that day you can use that to your advantage by sending your promotion the same day knowing they are going to be expecting special email offers at that time. Or, you could set yourself apart and send on a different day.

What is the goal of the message?This is probably the most critical aspect. When you’re sending your newsletter what do you hope to cause? Studies have shown that 22% of U.S. internet users have decided to no longer purchase services or goods from companies who send email too frequently. In addition, 41% of U.S. internet users threatened to stop buying from companies that send them irrelevant messages. Think about those numbers for a moment. If 41% of your email recipients decided to stop doing business with you, what affect would that have on your bottom line? Invest the proper time when creating your campaign. Change up your messages and catch the reader’s attention. Avoid sharing information that is not irrelevant to the recipient. Keep your messages short, sweet, and to the point.

Once you know the answers to the questions above, you’ll be able to send your newsletters with confidence. Remember, email can impact your company’s reputation. Take the time to consider what you are sending. You want people sharing positive things about your company. When people share positive feedback about your company, it means they have confidence to spend with you. Then they’ll tell their friends and potentially bring you more clients and profits. We all love that!

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