Social Media is obviously the most talked about online opportunity today. Leveraging information through various outlets and increasing organic search engine performance. Fortune 500 companies have spent millions of dollars on content creation. They’ve invested in creative and quality video production, customized Facebook pages, guest bloggers, and more. All in an effort to get their message out to their audience before the competition does. Hopefully generating an abundance of traffic and exposing new targets to their brand.

Where the rubber meets the road is “conversion”.

Where many marketing efforts miss the mark is on conversion strategies. Their typically more focused on driving internet traffic and promoting brand awareness that they sometimes fail to invest the proper time and resources into the most critical aspect of their goal, converting traffic into revenue! Have you heard a CMO say, “We’ve got over 10,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter and I have no idea how that correlates to our bottom line.”?

Promoting yourself through social media, establishing a reputation, becoming a trusted resource, and developing a loyal following are merely the foundation of a well executed online marketing effort. However, designing creative calls to action and incentivizing your following to take the next step in the process are essential if you intend to move the needle on your bottom line.

To learn more about how Atomic moves your revenue needle through online marketing efforts, simply utilize one of the convenient conversion tools below!

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