This week, the world lost a great actor, wonderful entertainer, and hilarious comedian. In honor of the late actor, the Atomic Design & Consulting’s Social Media Roundup this week focuses on the memory of Robin Williams, sharing his greatest moments and tributes.

Broadway Honors Robin Williams

After hearing the news, the genie on Broadway had the whole audience join in on singing the famous song “Friend Like Me.” In addition, Broadway dimmed its lights to honor the late entertainer. Read more over at Daily Mail.

Celebrities Weigh In

Celebrities took to Twitter and Interviews to express their sadness and loss over Williams’ death. Some choked up while expressing their grief, while others had no words. See more on Good Morning America.


Jimmy Fallon Pays Tribute

Fallon choked up while talking about Williams, then stood on his desk to honor the actor’s role in Dead Poet’s Society.


Disney Plans to Play Aladdin All Weekend

Disney announced that they will pay tribute to Robin Williams with special presentations of the animated film Aladdin this weekend. More information at Deadline.


Disney Animator Also Pays Respect

Following the news of Williams’ death, the Disney supervising animator Eric Goldberg created this touching artwork to go along with a statement from Robert A. Iger (chairman and CEO of Walt Disney).

Ch. 2 Sports Reporter Subtly Honors Williams

One Atlanta sports reporter, Zach Klein blended Robin Williams movie titles into his report segment to honor the late actor. Check out all the online reactions to his segment over at WSBTV.

Koko the Gorilla Reacts to the News

In 2001, Williams met, spoke, and played with Koko, the sign-language-fluent gorilla. The pictures of Koko from E! Onlineafter hearing the news of her passing friends are near heart-breaking.

Fans Create Memorials to Honor the Entertainer

Fans took to iconic locations–from the bench in Good Will Hunting, to the home from Mrs. Doubtfire, to Robin Williams’ star on Hollywood Blvd–to pay their respects, leaving personalized messages and quotes from the movies. See all the pictures over at HLNTV.

Video Tributes Went Viral

Perhaps the best, and most tear-producing tributes were the montages created by users on YouTube, displaying Williams’ best moments throughout his career. This one from ABC News got us pretty worked up.

Sometimes, Less is More.

One of the fastest-growing viral video tributes is touching the hearts of many who are honoring the late Robin Williams, and it’s only one-minute long.

RIP Robin Williams

Thank you for all the giggles, happy tears, and belly-aching laughs that you produced for so many.

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