For starters, email has become one of the very few things which most all of us check and read on a daily basis, if not hourly. It can reach us at home, at work, or even on our mobile devices. In addition, most senders have been given permission, or encouraged to forward their electronic offerings on to us. Very few alternate forms of marketing offer the powerful solutions email provides. From conversion strategies which allow recipients to move forward in your process, to robust analytics tracking regarding the performance of your campaign and what actions recipients took next.

Moreover, when comparing the impact email marketing has on your bottom line, independent research suggests that it’s quite possibly the most cost effective and highly targeted approach available today. Email marketing isn’t just about selling. Regular electronic newsletters offer recipients valuable information and keep your company top of mind with consumers. In addition, it allows your loyal customer base to share the messaging with someone they feel may be interested in your products and services. In the end, marketing departments and agencies utilize email marketing because is timely, targeted, flexible, cost effective and measurable.

Whether you’re new to the world of email marketing, or if you’d like to learn how to improve your existing campaigns, get on board with Atomic email marketing! We’d love to share our success stories with you and discuss how your customized campaign can be added to the long list of email marketing victories. We’ll share how we can increase open rates, improve conversions and ultimately drive more revenue. Fill out the left portion of this screen to schedule a consult today!
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