Social Media is a great outlet and tool for businesses, especially small businesses, but I do not see it taking over advertising because it can’t stand on its own. Think about it, would you let another media take your entire budget and only advertise on TV? Imagine all the people who use DVR and miss your message!

      It’s true that there are 600 million people on Facebook, 175 million accounts on Twitter and LinkedIn recently hit 100 million users, but just by setting up a profile on each of these doesn’t mean that 875 million people are going to see your message. The way social media works, people have to know what they are looking for to find you. Sure there are ways to boost getting your name out through social media, but if someone has never heard of you, it is not likely they will stumble upon your page.

Here are some ways to get people to your Social Media pages to better connect with them:

  1. Incorporate your social media into your current advertising. If you have radio ads, mention your twitter handle. If you do billboards, incorporate the social buttons, vanity URL or twitter handle. (Incorporate is the key word.)
  2. Have your staff talk about your social when interacting with you clients. Never waste an opportunity to tell someone already at your establishment a way to connect further. They are already interested in you or they wouldn’t be there. Cashiers and waiters can say “We have extra deals on Facebook.”
  3. Get in-store signage. Put up a sign on your door, around the cash register or in the receptionist area telling people to find your social media. It could be as simple as printing a piece of paper with the Facebook button saying “Find us on Facebook.” If you give out pamphlets, incorporate your social strategy into that marketing material too.
  4. Get linkable social media buttons on everything you put on the web. This sounds obvious, but I have had to search high and low on some websites to find the companies social information. Put these buttons at the top of your website, in your email signature, and in the newsletter/e-blast you send out.
  5. Don’t forget your business cards. When you go to a networking event, you will hand your card out to a lot of people; this is prime advertising space for your social. Place your company Twitter handle, Facebook URL and LinkedIn URL on the back of your cards and your employee’s cards.

Social Media is still the red-headed step child of advertising. It is growing and changing constantly and everyone is still trying to figure it out and keep ahead of the curve. I do think social media is important for businesses to be engaged with, but just like any other advertising medium, you have to spread the love.

What creative ways have you seen companies incorporate social media into their traditional advertising?

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