As an intern, I’m given various tasks every day I come into the office. Now, one would think the intern gets all the “dirty” work, but my experience here at Atomic Design & Consulting has been rather enjoyable! I’ve learned the tricks and trades of social media along with properly networking with others to expand brand awareness.

On that note, I’d like to go in depth on three key things I have learned thus far while interning with Atomic Design & Consulting:

1.       First and foremost: think before you speak & Google before you tweet. This is a quote that lies near Tiffany’s desk; and whenever I turn around to ask a question, that little guy just stares at me. Not that I wasn’t aware before this internship, but grammar really does affect (effect?) an outside view on one’s company. Proper grammar shows professionalism and intelligence, so here I’ve learned to triple check every sentence before I hit that “send” button.

2.       The importance of email subjects. Sure, this may sounds a little silly, but it’s something I’ve struggled with. I get so excited to finish a project, that I hit “send” without realizing the title says “no subject”. You’d think with the number of times I’ve been told to write a subject that I would be doing it in my dreams, but that’s not the case. I’m still getting the hang of the subject swing. Email etiquette is important while communicating with clients or coworkers; just think of it as a first impression: who wants to meet someone with “no subject”?

3.       A brand is what you make it. Ask yourself in regards to your company: what kind of company are we? What do customers look for? How can we separate ourselves? It’s important to set guidelines in order for your company to succeed in the way you envisioned. Even writing a goal out on your desk so you can look at it every day will help with the success of your brand.

So far, my ‘intern’ational studies have been a success, and every day I’m growing as an intern. And although you may not be an intern, it’s important to lay out key things that you have learned so you can further grow in the workplace. Who knows, you might teach yourself a little something!

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