Atomic recently signed up another restaurant as a new web development client. During our design consultation, the owner made us aware of one of his core concerns regarding their web presence. As we discussed the typical usage of high impact imagery, he noted that he didn’t want any tricked up photography of food on his site. He preferred homegrown images with poor lighting and a lack of any professional photography elements.

What was his reasoning? He wanted people to see exactly what they should expect when they come to eat as his establishment. The food is very authentic and he wanted his pictures to reflect what his patrons should expect to receive once they get there. Have you ever noticed how thick and juicy the hamburgers look in a Wendy’s commercial? Does the burger look like that when they hand it to you at the drive thru window? Most likely, it does not.

Another good analogy might be an individual’s profile image on their social media outlet. How often do you find people trying to utilize, what they feel, are their most flattering photos as their profile image on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn? Most individuals and companies attempt to display images which make them feel good about themselves or their product. However, those images might not be the fairest representation of reality.

I found his stance on this aspect of his site to be very refreshing. It’s nice to have a client who isn’t trying to trick up his web presence to draw people in, only to let them down. Not only is the food authentic but, the owner is authentic too! No wonder he’s been in business for 19 years and has been voted as the best German Restaurant in America two years running

Atomic would like to welcome Bavarian Grill to our digital marketing family, we look forward to their new site launch soon!

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