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Should you use Instagram Stories for your business?

Chick Fil A on Instagram StoriesThere’s a lot of buzz going on right now on the topic of Instagram Stories. Yes, Instagram copied Snapchat, but that fact aside, it’s here and we have to decide if we’re going to use it. If we choose to use Stories, then we have to decide how we’ll use it.

I don’t think Instagram Stories will replace Snapchat, just like Instagram videos didn’t kill Vine. It simply created a similar platform that will organically find its own audience. There are many businesses on Snapchat that have had hugely successful marketing campaigns such as Heineken, Starbucks, Audi, Taco Bell, and too many others to list them all. Will the big brands use Stories? Stories launched two days ago and several big brands are already using it. A post on Amazon’s Instagram Stories is an employee eating pizza and Chick-fil-A is tempting me with a chicken breakfast sandwich.

If you already have a solid Instagram following for your business, this is an opportunity for a new type of content. Here are three reasons why you should consider using Instagram Stories for your business.

1. It adds a human element.

My first pic on Instagram StoriesLet’s face it, you can only throw your logo out there so many times or give people reasons to choose your business over your competitor’s business. Your business is run by people and people like to see what other people are doing. Your business brand and identity is all about your people. This is the perfect opportunity to show the human aspects of your business.

You can use Instagram Stories for photos or video of people. These people can be your team members or customers, or even people walking by in front of your business. Use people that are interacting with your business in any way, shape, or form.

Even if you’re not posting media with people, with Stories, it’s showing what people are doing and enjoying. It still has a human element, however it’s from the perspective of a person doing something or photographing something from their viewpoint.

2. Tell your story.

Workers at Fossil on IG StoriesYou can use Instagram Stories for in the moment shots that would otherwise not be seen. If there’s a moment with a happy customer trying a new menu item, you can broadcast that to a large audience.

Stories content doesn’t have to be pre-produced, branded media because this content only lives for 24 hours. It tells your story in real-time and supports your brand.

It can also show some behind the scenes work and fun in your business or some of your customers enjoying your product or services. Today I saw the corporate office workers at Fossil having fun and some of their employees designing new products… all in less than 26 seconds.

Stories show real life moments which are always happening. When a life moment can support your business, why not put it on social media?

3. Be more visible.

IG Stories - Taco BellIf you already have a following on Instagram, this allows your followers to see more of your business from a new perspective. Your active audience will see your real moments.

Using relevant hashtags and geotags will make your content easy to find and in turn, will give your Stories more visibility as well.

Stories encourage conversation and interaction. You can send a message from a Stories post, and more than likely, your regular Instagram posts will be seen more. Taco Bell is asking their customers what they want to see on Instagram Stories.

Will you use Instagram Stories for your business?

Don’t be scared. Try it. It doesn’t cost anything and it takes very little time. If you use it, leave us a comment and let us know how it’s working for your business. Happy InstaStorying! (I made that up.)

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