Have you ever just really wanted a good beer but aren’t sure where to go and what to order? Well have no fear – we’ve compiled a list of brews and venues that will help you make a decision in no time.

Our first picks come from beer connoisseur Brian Dilworth who doesn’t own a prized plate from The Flying Saucer’s UFO Club only “because the beer snob in me told me I’d have to drink Coors Lite and Miller Lite to achieve that goal and that just defeats the purpose of going to the Saucer. Otherwise, I’ve probably reached that plateau years back just by drinking most anything new or different.”

Brian’s Picks and where to get them:

1. Victory Golden Monkey (Victory Brewing) – Flying Saucer
2. Ommegang Hennepin (Ommegang Brewery) – The Holy Grail
3. Maredsous 10 (Maredsous) – Gingerman Uptown
4. St. Arnolds Lawnmower Ale – Flying Saucer
5. Shiner Helles – I think it was on tap at The Fillmore briefly

Who could know more about beer than someone who makes their own? John Bick, or you may know him better as@JohnnySports, has ranked his top five beers, top five places to go for a beer and the best stores to find good beer!

Top Beers:
1. Liberty Ale
2. Live Oak IPA
3. Racer 5 by Bear Republic
4. Franconia Lager
5. Leffe Blonde

Top Places:
1. Gingerman Uptown
2. Idle Rich
3. Irish Rover
4. Bavarian Grill
5. My House

1. Mr. G’s in Plano for something special
2. Homebrew Headquarters in Richardson for supplies
3. World Market for something out of the ordinary but close to home
4. Kroger or Tom Thumb for Budweiser for tailgating

We also asked Allen restaurant and brewery TwoRows Classic Grille’s owner Baine Brooks what their top selling beers are and what makes them so tasty. If you’re really into beer flavors you will love this.

The Honey Blonde
Our best seller and a medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival. This light beer is a good starting point for those who are unfamiliar with hand-crafted beers. Brewed with 60 pounds locally produced honey added in the brew kettle

Osage Golden Wheat
Brewed using 30% wheat malt and 70% barley malt and a splash of hoppiness makes for a crisp, clean finish. Served with a lemon wedge.

Route 66 Amber Ale
Amber in color and is brewed using a blend of five different malts to give it a smooth flavor and slightly roasty finish. Another Medal Winner at the Great American Beer Festival.

Dark Star Lager
Brewed using a special yeast strain from the Czech Republic and takes 8 weeks to produce. Dark in color this beer possesses a smooth malty character. Most people are surprised at how light bodied this beer actually is.

My favorite, Wild Red
Red Ale is brewed with TwoRow malt, caramel malt and Munich malt. German malts and special German yeast gives this beer a distinct malty flavor.

Another Dallas native, Jakes Hamburgers also has a large number of beers on tap, their top five requested are:
1. Miller lite
2. Bud Light
3. Shiner
4. Coors light
5. Shock top

Have you tried any of these beers? What brews would you recommend adding to our list?

Photo Credit: Deege Photos Flickr

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