If you’re like one of the 35 million Americans that have office jobs, the glare from your computer monitor and the sedentariness of the position eventually start wearing you down as the day goes on. If you’re like me, energy isn’t the only thing that begins to evade – creativity does as well. I have a tough time staring at a design for a prolonged period of time while maintaining peak creativity. Here are a few recommendations to enhance your work day and overall mental health.

Switch It Up

Is your day the same for the most part? If it is, don’t be afraid to switch it up! For example, Megan uses a Yoga ball from time to time instead of a standard office chair. The Yoga ball helps strengthen core muscles and your body’s natural motor reflexes, how cool is that? Two birds with one stone!

Go Out

It’s so simple, but a lot of people neglect the fact that your body is made to move. Just because we have office jobs doesn’t mean we are bound to the office all day. Our office takes trips as a group just to get some fresh air and massage our brain cells. This goes right in line with also getting exercise; experts suggest that, if possible, you should exercise for 30 minutes to an hour to start your day to ramp up your mental thought process and energy levels. We suggest getting some fitness books or asking around to find a good trainer to help get a custom program designed for you!


This is the lifeblood of my existence. Even if you don’t like music as much as I do, the right music will help alleviate those mental roadblocks we run into during the day. It’s important that you select the right kind of music to listen to, however. See LifeHacker.

Coming Back To It

When I leave and come back to a project that I’ve been staring at, an invisible hand usually reaches into my thought abyss with a fresh idea on a hook. Coming back to a project is often the most fulfilling part of the whole process; fresh eyes are surprisingly your best set of training wheels to help you move forward.

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