30 hubspot tools that won't cost you a dime



As one of the top inbound marketing, sales, and service platforms, HubSpot has a vast range of products and tools available through their hubs to help you generate and manage leads, convert leads into customers, and continue to delight customers.

But, we get it – most advanced services come at a price, and HubSpot is one of those.

Their most basic starter packages for their Marketing, Sales, or Service Hub start at $50/month, and their professional packages (which are recommended) start at $400/month for sales and service and $800/month for marketing.

No budget? HubSpot has several ways to discover what inbound marketing can do for your business – completely free.

Free inbound marketing tools help you turn visitors into buyers

HubSpot offers countless marketing tools that are completely free for anyone to use. When you access HubSpot’s Free Marketing Tools, you also gain access to every tool offered in the free HubSpot CRM and Email Marketing platform. That’s 30 FREE tools at your disposal!

Let’s break down all the free tools that can help you capture new leads and turn them into customers.

Free HubSpot CRM and Email Marketing Tools

1. Email Marketing

You read that right. Email + CRM = The Perfect Pair. HubSpot’s free email marketing options allows you to send up to 2,000 marketing emails. The free email platform will let users visually craft emails and send them to targeted sections of their lists of customers and leads.free email marketing hubspot atomic

2. Contact Management (CRM)

Without a CRM, your email personalization efforts are a guessing game at best, and insufficient at worst. Email is more powerful with CRM—it’s really the perfect pair. With contact management, you can add contact and company records easily. Monitor your interactions (emails, live chats, etc.) with each contact, and run automated actions to better manage contacts and data. But there is more… you can also monitor how your contacts interact with your website. In each contact record, you can see what pages a contact views, what forms they fill out, and more.

ADC hubspot 1

3. Companies

Store detailed records for every company living in your database. You can create custom filters to track their last activity dates, monitor your conversations, and more. The HubSpot database will also automatically pull company details (like revenue, number of employees, etc) and put them into your contact records for you – freeing up time for your sales team to close more deals.

4. Deals

Monitor your entire sales funnel on a visual dashboard that shows you what stage each prospect is in.

If you have a lot of deals in different stages, this is a great place to track their progress and identify the companies you should follow up with next. Sort your deals by custom filters to find just what you need.

5. Tasks and Activities

Easily set and schedule tasks for your team – whether it’s to send an email, connect with a prospect on LinkedIn, reach out via phone call, whatever it may be. Keep track of your task’s completion and the relationships you build with your contacts.

ADC hubspot 2

6. Ad Management

Connect accounts from supported ad networks to your HubSpot account. Create audiences from your HubSpot CRM, and see which ads are generating customers. The HubSpot free plan allows businesses to manage up to $1,000 in ad spending on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.hubspot ad management free tool

7. Gmail and Outlook Integration

Bring HubSpot’s CRM right to your inbox. Integrating with Gmail, G Suite, Outlook, or Office 365 can give you immediate access to HubSpot email templates, all your contact information, and more.

hubspot outlook integration

8. HubSpot Connect Integrations

Easily integrate HubSpot with other tools your business is using. For a full list, you can check out their integrations library.

9. Custom Support Form Fields

To make sure you’re always getting the right information from your customers, set custom fields on all of your support forms to generate support tickets for your team to handle.

10. Prospects

Gather insights on the companies coming to your site. Use filters like company size, geography, and number of visits to sort prospects and find your top ones to tackle.

11. Ticketing

Customers have an issue? Keep track of their ticket status, how long it took to be resolved, and more – all in one dashboard.

hubspot ticketing

12. Pop-Up Forms

No coding necessary! Add quick, mobile-friendly pop-up forms to place on any website page to bring in more leads.

ADC hubspot 5

13. Native Forms

Gather new visitor details and increase your contact count by building forms with custom fields and placing them on your tracked website pages.

14. Ad Management

With the ad management capabilities, you can quickly connect your HubSpot account with your other ad accounts. Monitor your ad performance and see which HubSpot contacts interact with your ads.

15. Conversations Inbox

Send all your incoming emails and live chats to a shared inbox for your whole team to use. No messages will go unnoticed! View and reply within this inbox.

hubspot conversations

16. Reporting Dashboard

Metrics live here – see how your sales activity is performing to track how your efforts are working.

17. Email Tracking and Notifications

Not sure if someone opens your emails? With email tracking, you’ll know. Get notified when a lead opens your email, downloads an attachment, or clicks a link you shared. This way, you’ll know when they’re actively engaging with you.

18. Email Templates

Have an old email that performed really well? Make it a reusable template for your whole sales team! Email Templates allows you to distribute a number of saved templates that your team can use as a guide when emailing leads and prospects.

19. Canned Snippets

Save time in a conversation by creating little snippets to quickly add in a live chat or email. When you create a snippet – a reusable text block – you can use the shortcut you create to immediately reply back with the right message.

hubspot snippets

20. Documents

Build out a library of documents for your sales team to send to prospects. Plus, when someone opens up your document, you can set real-time notifications to alert you that they’re checking it out!

21. Calling

Make calls directly through HubSpot using VOIP, then record them and save them to the contact’s record in case it needs to be replayed in the future.

22. Meeting Scheduling

When you sync Meetings to your own calendar, users will always know your most up-to-date availability when they’re booking a time to chat with you. Embed your Meetings link on your website for a seamless scheduling system. No emailing back-and-forth nonsense required!

Wow, that was a hand full!

The fact that the Free CRM alone offers 22 different tools is mind-boggling. But, to make it even better, there are eight additional tools at the ready to kickstart and streamline your marketing efforts.

Other Free Marketing Tools Available

23. Forms

Gather contact details from visitors by adding forms to any website page tracked in your HubSpot account. This includes pop-up and native forms (described above).

hubspot forms

24. Collected Forms

Also known as non-HubSpot forms, Collected Forms are HTML forms on your site that weren’t created directly in HubSpot. But with the right tracking code installed, any submissions to these forms can be collected and stored in your contacts!

25. Team Email

Create a universal inbox for all your team email addresses. This can help make collaboration easier and more efficient!

26. Live Chat

The power of conversational marketing is crazy. Talk to prospects when they’re actively on your site with live chat. Plus, you can redirect conversations to the perfect salesperson to answer any questions and close those deals.

27. Conversational Bots

Automate your conversations with conversational bots. You can use bot logic to provide resources to visitors, connect them with a salesperson, book meetings, and more.

hubspot conversational bots

28. Mobile Optimization

Analyze the content you create on various devices to make sure it looks perfect before you send it out.

29. User Roles

Set custom permissions for all your team members. If you have more high-level tools, you can restrict users and allow others access, with multiple tiers available.

30. Reporting Dashboards

Gather in-depth data on your overall marketing performance to see how your efforts are working and to spot areas you can improve on.

So, what should I do first? 

While we would say, all of the above. We’d highly recommend you setup forms, connect your inbox, and then setup live chat and bots – like, today. 

Wait, Live Chat and Bots?  Why? 

Conversational marketing is a feedback-oriented approach to marketing used by companies to drive engagement, develop customer loyalty, grow the customer base, and, ultimately, grow revenue. And it’s becoming critical to connect with your audience how, when and where they want. Consumer’s accepted response time has changed – it’s faster. 

Conversational marketing is changing the way companies talk with their customers by making interactions seamless and faster than ever before. Your customers are having conversations. Why not join in? 

This is why having live chat set up on your website is so important. Place it on your homepage, about us page, products/services page, and any other high-traffic webpage that brings in leads. Catch them early, and close them sooner.

Start Turning Visitors Into Leads Today 

As you can see, HubSpot offers up an arsenal of tools you can use to convert visitors into leads. Get forms, kickback emails, a dashboard and more – 100% free, forever.

Is it really free, forever? 

It’s not a trial. Free access to HubSpot CRM, never expires. Based on your organizational makeup and goals, the free version may not make sense for you in the long-term. If you are looking to automate time-consuming processes and create easy and informed ways to nurture your leads, you should consider a paid version of HubSpot.

However, if you are just looking to get your feet wet and get a taste of what HubSpot has in store, the free CRM and email marketing solution is a great place to start. What’s more is that you can add unlimited users. Invite your entire team to use, each and every CRM and email marketing user is free. 

So while this solution is good for those who aren’t ready to make a financial commitment, in order to maximize the value of the tool, and in turn produce a better ROI for your organization, it will probably make more sense to level up.

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