Often times the importance of office etiquette and encouragement can get lost in all the social media and email marketing buzz. A few weeks ago,Monroe hosted our weekly Friday discussion where he stressed the importance of optimizing your surroundings for a better work place. It’s true that a successful business starts when you’re surrounded by a happy work environment and while maintaining proper office etiquette. Here are some things to consider while optimizing your own office environment:

·         Surround your desk with motivational quotes, pictures, and things you love. Now I’m guilty, because the only fun think I have on my desk is a pink stapler, but I’ve decided next week that is changing. A fun desk is needed for those long days.

·         Knock before you enter. A few days ago, I walked into our development team’s room and didn’t think something important was going on. So I said goodbye to everyone with a fairly loud voice, only to find out they were on a conference call. Needless to say, my face turned red and I will never go into a room that naturally again.

·         Have daily goals. Just ask yourself: “what do I want to get out of this work day?” This simple question will make every day feel accomplished and moving forward.

·         Encourage others. A simple “hey your work looks so nice today” can change someone’s state in a heartbeat. It’s important to remain positive for effective work tasks.

The start of a successful work day begins with your environment. All around respect is key for a happy work environment, so today; make your daily goal to encourage someone!

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