I’m back and we are going to tap the goldmine of information on maintaining a healthy list and comfort you on saying goodbye to your unengaged subscribers.

But You Have Already Talked About This Before…Correct, I have written a blog before about the importance of maintaining a healthy list and getting rid of subscribers who care much less about you than you do them. Now I am going to advise you on how to go about giving them another chance and then smoothly transition them off your list if they are unresponsive.

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Step 1: Segment those who don’t open your email


Atomic has the ability to run a report on your list that puts a category of addresses you specify into a segment. In this example we will say that you run a report that pulls all the addresses of people who have not opened the last 20 messages you have sent. We can then prepare a message that is geared toward this specific group of addresses.

Step 2: Create a 2-part email send


Email 1: Subject Line: The subject contains a strong call-to-action like “Please confirm you want to continue receiving emails”

Body: Tell them that you cleaning your list and make it easy to stay and more importantly easy to unsubscribe. Do not hide the unsubscribe button from the user, they can always unsubscribe by complaint and that hurts you and us. Include contact information for those who may have not opened the email in time and wish to stay on the email list.

Email 2: Send an email a week later with the same information (to those who haven’t already unsubscribed)

Step 3: Rerun the Segment (Report)


Rerun the same segment and see the results of the last two weeks.

Step 4: Unsubscribe


Unsubscribe those who have not responded or taken any action.

Step 5: Smile


Feel good about keeping your list healthy and remember that subscribers who are not participating are worth less on your list than off. You save money on your sends, and you get a more accurate measurement of how your messages are performing.

References: Crawl. Walk. Run. – Email Marketing Strategies to uplift your results by Bronto Software

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