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Keynote Brian Clark – @copyblogger

-The Jedi Warrior: Guide to Online Marketing Success
People love to tell stories. If you’re not telling a story on behalf of your brand, you’re missing out.
Social media is great because people start telling your story for you.
The Hero’s Journey – use to structure a social campaign
Recommended Books – The Writers Journey and Managing Content Marketing
The prospect or consumer is the hero so your brand becomes a hero
Think of the Prospect as Luke Skywalker. You are the Yoda or Obiwan leading the way, you should get the prospect to know, like and trust you.
Three steps to Jedi Content Marketing
1. Know your audience and think of them as audience
Your unique story proposition, tell them a story they want to hear
2. Pivot from Feedback (The Lean Startup – book)
minimum viable audience Interative content development
If you mess up, pivot and go another route.
3. Accelerate
New  Products. New Partnerships. New Media Empire.
Your social peeps will tell you what they want you to be, just listen and find out what they want and create a solution.
It’s not a good idea unless it meets a need.
You want to build a New Media Empire.
Zena Weist – @zenaweist
Operationalizing Social Media – going to have to just go find the ppt. Sooo much great information but couldn’t get to it all. Definitely check it out.
Without a Champion and With a Champion
Embarq Case study – without a champion
enherited all the sprint policy – no social
Social media roadmap
1. Educate – how to educate on social and policy
2. Seek and Cultivate
3. Integrate
tying social into business metrics
likely to recommend – in the red across the board, only thing to change for embarq
went with youtube
67% took action after seeing technology or electronics-related content on YouTube
Commitment to engagement with content strategy
online how to videos
Without a champion
patience, listen, patience, pitch & plea, patience, Test & Learn, Metrics
H&R Block – with a champion
Customer service, content & 100,000 advocates
Did a listening audit and realized they were talking too much and started to focus on listen, respond, resolve and share
Social focus: 1:1 conversation (what can we do for you)
Brand reputation management
24/7 365 content strategy
Social Subject matter experts hub and spoke model
Created an online response process
With a champ
Listen, align with business goals/metrics, partner & help, are you REALLY listening? and changing course, own up and come armed
Social business methodology
a social brand requires becoming a social business
social brand external social business internal
Social planning drives strategy and execution
3P’s People, process, platforms
stakeholders, streamline processes and where is your platform
Identify levels of engagement and align, define roles and
Nichole Kelly @nichole_kelly
No Fluff Social Media – ROI
Align Goals with Metrics
If you have a Fan page and don’t have a goal, you shouldn’t have a fan page.
Lead generation, client relations, brand awareness. Pick the ones that will work for you, also pick the network where you will work best and use that. You don’t have to be everywhere.
Metrics – you have to align social media to business goals: Sales, Revenue, Cost.
Align social media with the goals of the sales funnel. “we are extending the sales funnel to catch more people”
Exposure – how many people saw the brand aligns with PR, (impressions, followers) uses tweetreach
Influence – referral from a friend huge difference in conversion rates
Engagement – too physical action to engage with your brand
Want to increase reach while decreasing cost – to do this, you must understand the path to conversion. Realize that people are now lazy consumers, you have to make it easy for them.
Cost Per: impression, click, site visitor, engagement, inbound link, subscriber, lead.
google analytics and hootsuite
Once you get the metrics from all the sources, create your own dashboard. THEN roll it into an executive dashboard for exactly what your c-suite wants to see. Measure this across all the chanels.
Measure your social against/with other channels PR, Radio, TV, SEO, Online advertising.
Set up Google Analytics, Consider a hootsuite account, measure success optimize content, work smarter not harder.
Put conversion code on the Thank you page that you can only get to after you have purchased something.
Giovanni Gallucci – @Giovanni
Mastering Video Marketing
Put your video on Youtube then embed it in other places.
Use keywords to help your video, use the google keyword research.
Youtube – Photos/video, for the lazy writer. If you have a good visual eye, do video. If you suck at it, don’t do it. It will hurt you.
Recommended equipment: Cannon 5D and 7D
Tools of the trade: Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube
Flickr – take a screen grab of your video and write a description “this is a screen grab of a project I’m working on” Throw a keyword in there as well so google will pick it up. Put the link in the description as well to your youtube video. Boom, SEO.
Other tools of the trade: Youtube insights, raven tools, hootsuite, klout, tubetoolbox tweetadder
Before you shoot: Have passion, Have the proper tools and know how to use them. Have a plan, make sure you are going there for a purpose. Have a small footprint, take the minimum.
“cowboys don’t like sweaty guys”
Don’t call yourself a blogger, be sure to represent yourself that increases your chances of being taken seriously. That will help you get the best content. Know your rights, know the laws for the sites you are shooting.
During your shoot: First, get the shots you need. Know your rights. Make sure you are as invisible as much as you can be. Try to fit in, so dress appropriately, you’re there to document, not interact. Be creative. Wait around a be patient. “Shoot to get kicked out”
Video SEO tips: create a unique page for every link, keywords and descriptions. Let people take your video as long as the brand stays in there, don’t be afraid to share.
Pod safe music or approach independent artists for music to use in the videos.
Fireside Chat with Chris Baccus – @cbaccus
AT&T head of social media
ROI – primary data and third party data. driving transactions or awareness, relationship/reputation building. Struggle: so many experiences and facebook is a small % of customers. What do brands get out of each social?
AT&T works the math backwards. Looks at what the total community is at one point in time. Value of the community – reach, click through, surveys, emotional responses, willingness to recommend. Each is worth a $ amount determined by a third party.
What is the value of a negative experience?
now they know when there is an issue, how to better solve it. Now they know what the issues are.
AT&T focuses on Facebook more but are getting out of that and starting to branch out to other networks
ATT team size of communications about 10 social media/customer care about 60 marketing team is agency.
Arienne Holland – @ravenarienne
1. Social media listen is proactive no reactive
It can put you ahead of the game
Strategy: monitoring more that vanity words
Set up a search for exactly what you want and find out what you want to know fro that perspective. Find your competition
Strategy: Go where your people are
Go to the specific place where more engaged people are. RSS feeds, forums
2. Social Media Listening drives better business decisions
Strategy: Use words real people use. (User generated content)
Mine forums and other platforms for what your users think of your product/service. Put those words in your marketing.
Understanding how customers see things is important. – Listen to and trust what the customer is saying, they are the ones who are buying from you.
Strategy: Teach the way people prefer
Strategy: Verify product decisions – beat competition to market
social will tell you what’s wrong with your products or how to make it better, all you have to do is fix it.
Offer to do it better, or even better, make a DIY video even make it a series. It will show how good you are and provide great content.
3. Social media Listening requires thought, time and tools.
Tim Hayden – @TheTimHayden
Mobile Marketing: Turning Passive Advocates Into Social Influencers
50% of US own a smartphone
90% of Americans are within 3 feet of their mobile phones 24 hours a day.
Think Mobile behavior, not mobile technology.
Consumers on-the-go “look” less at social media (length of time) on handheld mobile devices.
Almost half(46%) of consumers research an item on their smartphone before going to a store to buy it.
37% researched an item on their phone before buying it online.
Advocacy networks may not show up on Klout or in an influencer network because they are on mobile
Intercept your audience with the mobile web.
When using a QR code, you are going to have to educate your audience. You need to support QR codes through other networks.
Mobile ready: Cross-platform testing, make sure it works on EVERYTHING even the old old blackberry’s
Mobile web and HTML5 are going to be game changers.
Closing Keynote: Jason Falls – @JasonFalls
Most important thing in marketing is remembering what you’re supposed to be doing.
Marketing: remember your job is to persuade an audience to take action.
Rule before you hit publish: The holy crap rule OR the holy smokes rule: Ask the question will this communication make the audience say holy smokes that’s _________!
Content like this makes people share.


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