Digital Summit Dallas - Top 5 Takeaways of Day 1
We’re going to the 2017 Digital Summit Dallas, so stay tuned for a brand new edition of our takeaways!

Wow, what a first day of Digital Summit Dallas! This is one of the premier digital marketing events in the nation, and I’m lucky enough to be attending this year representing Atomic Design & Consulting. Apart from all of the SWAG and great networking opportunities, I was able to attend a great pre-conference workshop and other classes throughout the day. Here are the top five things I took away from day one:

1) Email is not dead. Long live email!

Email marketing is not dead and ROI is far greater than other platforms when sending the right content to the right people. Ask people for their preferences when signing them up to make sure you’re making the smart engagement based on data.

– For the Love of All Things Email: How to Build Effective Email Programs for the Modern Consumer
Presenter: Michael Barber | barber&hewitt

2) Buckle up and crank it up

Enrollment means you’re taking a willing customer on a journey with your brand. Create an expectation for them because they purchased your product which means they’ve bought in. Tailor experiences because with the vast capabilities of internet marketing, if you’re trying to sell to everyone – you’re selling to no one.

– Keynote Speaker: Seth Godin

3) Brand experience touches everything

Marketing teams need to be built around 3 key groups: Feelers, Thinkers, and Doers. These three types of people will propel the marketing experience forward, but your company must ensure there is a da Vinci type that leads or is part of the team. That person is responsible for bringing it altogether for the customer experience across all platforms. Your marketing must also talk to IT since they help to deliver and scale your ideas.

– Tomorrow’s Marketer: Leading Transformation in your Organization
Presenter: Hally Pinaud | Marketo

4) Make design, not issues

User Experience or UX is critical to digital marketing, but can be applied to any business or service. UX requires empathy for the user of your good and is an “ongoing validation of assumptions”. Companies, even the biggest ones, can make little mistakes in a customer’s experience that can have major costs in the long run.

– 10 UX Mistakes You Are (Probably) Making Right Now
Presenter: Michael Salamon | Lousy

5) Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy

Too much noise or friction is a major turn off to customers who just want to make a transaction with you. Obviously, the less friction in your design or marketing, the better your results and conversions. Practice the 5 Cs with your marketing techniques: Contextual – Convenient – Consistent – Connected – Compassionate.

– Friction: The Only Thing Marketers Should Care About Between Now & Forever
Presenter: Michael Barber | barber&hewitt

So much to see & do here at #DSDAL! #getalltheswag #agencylife @atomicDC

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Day 1 of #DSDAL is in the books! Stoked to learn more tomorrow. @atomicDC #digitalmarketing

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