I’ll admit when I started here at Atomic, my palms would not stop sweating. Now the term “intern” seems nerve-wracking. At first I thought: What will they think of me? What kind of tasks will I face? How can I help this company? I’m sure all of you fellow interns out there had some sort of butterfly in your stomach the first day. I’ve come to find my experience here very helpful for the future, and now the term “intern” is something to be proud of! Here are some tips that I believe are beneficial as an intern:

Accept help. The other day, Brian saw that my blog post could use a bit of definition and organization. I’ll admit, at first it made me feel like my work wasn’t the best, but then I realized he was only trying to help make it even better. Now, my blogs are organized so everyone can read them easily. So if help is offered, don’t think twice. Just take it!

Get to know the office. Don’t be afraid to talk to everyone! This is great for many reasons. For me, coming to work is so much more enjoyable because of the relationships that have grown in this office. I can also ask questions comfortably, which is very important as an intern. Lastly, connections are key. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. So get to talking!

Dress to feel great. This may sound silly, but when I wear certain clothes I work in a more efficient way. Just think: a tie and I’ll try!

Listen carefully. As an intern, you should become a sponge. Try to gain as much knowledge from everyone as possible. Who knows, maybe you’ll gain some vital information for future reference.

Just remember most of all: your internship is what you make it! So make it something unforgettable.

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