When it comes to online marketing, you have to realize your consumer has been trained to believe they can find anything they want at the click of a button. However, you need to be aware of how easy or difficult it is for people to find and share your content. So, here are six tips to be sure your content is being seen.

Front and Center

In a world of instant gratification, people are turned off if your page is difficult to navigate or slow to load. If you want the customer to buy something on a page, make sure you put the purchase button front and center so it is easy to find. The more buttons a consumer has to click the less likely they are to get to the end purchase.

Direct Links

Pinterest is a great example here. If you have Pinterest, you have no doubt seen a pin, thought it was the most amazing thing you have seen, clicked on it only to find it just takes you to a homepage. As someone who has been there, this is frustrating. This is true for any linking your do whether it’s in a blog or in a post, make sure you take the consumer to the exact page you are talking about.

Be Interesting

Let’s say you are known for your superior sarcasm and hilarious posts day in and day out like Condescending Wanka, people are going to come back every day to see what you have to say. Know the target market you are trying to reach and keep them in mind when you are writing every single post.

Add a Picture/Video

Did you know on Facebook if your post doesn’t have a link or a picture/video in it, people aren’t able to share it with their friends? On top of that, Twitter only gives you 140 characters. To get the most out of your post, add a picture to your Tweet to get you a thousand more words!

Become a Resource

Not only should you be telling people they need to hire your company over the other guys, you should also be telling them why they need your services at all. Share relevant news and tips for your industry. The consumer will be more confident using someone who is knowledgeable about the industry as a whole and who is keeping up with current happenings.

Find Your Audience

It isn’t enough to just post on your Facebook wall a few times a day and send out a river of Tweets to engage your audience, by doing this you are only talking at them. Find your audience, maybe find a popular online forum or simply talk directly to them using their Twitter handle. Do a little digging and find out where your brand advocates are hanging out.

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