Social media is obviously becoming a must have for businesses across the globe. It has become such a big deal that riots and wars have broken out around it. And who knows this market better than the ones who have been on it since they were teens? The ones who grew up in a world where it was normal to share each detail of their lives with anyone who would listen; the ones who made the medium what it is today. These kids are now getting to the age where they are fresh out of college and ready to take on the real world and the real world is trying to learn what we, the recent college grads, already know.


As the next big consumer market steps up to the plate, it is important to know a few things about our generation. It is becoming more and more socially unacceptable for business to scream their message at consumers, the only thing you will get from them with that is an eye roll. Consumers now have so many choices it’s all about getting your consumer to identify with your brand, brand loyalty and who they feel comfortable giving their business to. Believe it or not, social media is the search engine of the next buying generation.

People have always taken word of mouth advertising as more credible than any ad on TV or in a magazine. Our generation is no different, but now instead of only being able to ask your neighbor or your best friend, you have an entire community out there just waiting to give you their opinions. I can write one tweet about where to eat tonight and have 10 people offer their opinion. If your company offered a valid answer without a sales pitch to my question, that builds rapport and that is the goal.

My generation has gotten a bad reputation for being lazy and presumptuous, but isn’t that how everyone views every new generation at the beginning? In the 1920’s when the flapper girls were popular, that generation was looked down upon because they were doing something new. When rock and roll started to become popular, that generation was given a bad rep too. In all these changing times and generations, something awesome has come out of the chaos, new ideas that have shaped and changed the world have come from the minds of these generations.

Ideas can come from anyone or anything, remember, Mark Zuckerberg was in college when he built Facebook. If he had come to you with his idea, would you have blown him off as some college kid with no experience? I don’t mean that every kid who steps out of college with that expensive piece of paper is going to have a billion dollar idea, but we earned that magical piece of paper that says we can do stuff. Give the young ones a chance, we might surprise you.

What was your billion dollar idea when you graduated from college?

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