From seal pups that surf to a farmer who serenades his cows with a pop music hit, we’ve got all you need to dazzle your friends this weekend.

Farmer plays “Royals” on the Trombone to get the cows to come home.

Couple takes a “newborn baby” photo shoot with their dog.

Two surfers in northern England enjoyed a surf with a seal pup.

Laverne Cox, who portrays Sophia on the popular Netflix original series “Orange is the New Black,” combs Conan O’ Brien’s Hair.

Apparently, Noah’s first time on live television was just as cute as it was hilarious.

What does $50 mean to you when you go grocery shopping? For many low-income Americans, it’s a lot but it still means heavily processed foods that exclude fruits and vegetables.

This is arguably the cutest reaction to the beat dropping.

Betty Jo Simpson, the Instagram sensation known as “grandmabetty33”, passed away Saturday.

She was 80. Instagram just won’t be the same without you, Grandma Betty.

Image Source(s):
– Instagram
– Jamie Clauss
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