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Finding social media tips for photographers for shouldn’t be hard. In a field where the competition is tight, there are tons of new tips and tricks that every photographer should know to showcase their work. Do you snap images for social media? Social media has become a major platform available for you to build a community that understands your product or service. The power of social media lets you target potential business opportunities in the future.

Whether you are a seasoned professional that is used to using the most advanced technology in your shots or you are just an amateur that likes taking shots of special moments to post on your social feeds – then you are sure to benefit from this list of 4 social media tips for photographers.

1. Let There be Light

Lighting has to be the most important factor in taking any shot. Using the right lighting will help your brand resonate its image and brand personality online.

The trick to creating the perfect lighting environment is to not rely on the natural environment to capture the perfect moment. This can be achieved through your equipment by selecting the white balance and ISO settings – these features now come standard in most modern models.

Higher ISO settings allow you to capture more light and shoot quickly. Your settings should go from around 50 all the way up to 3200. For dark shots, use the highest setting. There is a lot of room for you to play with this feature and determine the perfect setting for any light environment.

The white balance feature should match your photography environment. While most cameras have an ‘auto select’ function, you may need to adjust it manually and play around with it and the ISO settings to find the perfect light for the shot.

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Rule of thirds    //    Lighting    //    Depth of Field

2. Content and the Context

To avoid any pain coming from capturing the right shot with the right frame and good composition, use an editing software suite that can assist you in resizing and/or cropping your images for publication.

There are many of these suites available, however; some of them come platform specific, so if you are looking for something to cover all your platforms you will need to purchase a software suite that is integrated with all of them. This will keep your costs down and allow easy access to all your account profiles in one suite.

3. Get Some Help

social media tips for photographersIt’s important to keep your images native on your social platforms. Most, if not all cameras shoot on a rectangular frame, while social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook prefer a square box frame. This means that your traditional methods of shooting will not be as effective. Usually, photographers are taught to shoot in ‘the rule of three’ which is where the subject is never positioned in the centre of the shot, but rather to either side of the frame.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule – such as the header pictures in your social accounts like Facebook and Twitter where a wide rectangular format is used. Take this into account when shooting and take a variety of shots with different focus points.

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4. Go Angling

social media tips for photographersTaking a different angle on your shot can have a remarkable effect. Most people have the tendency to take shots straight on. Change your angle to above, below, or from the sides. The best example of this is in ‘selfies’ where people often shoot from above or below to create wider angles or add in scenery.

The Final Thought

A little creativity goes a long way. Hopefully these social media tips for photographers have given you some ideas to experiment with. The key to good social media photography comes from your creativity and trial and error with the platforms. Just remember to log what works and what doesn’t – when you find a formula that speaks to you and feels right, stick to it and test the results.

If you have more questions about specific ideas and tips – feel free to contact us or leave a comment below!

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