We talk to prospects every day that are interested in Social Media Marketing. They hear and see the buzz surrounding it. They hear the great success stories  and they may even have tried themselves and not had much to any luck.

So what makes a Social Media campaign work?
How do you get people interacting on it and sharing your commercials;errr… I mean “helpful information.”


In social media it is critical to truly take the viewpoint of your customer. If you simply put tips about how to use your product / service or why you are better than another company it isn’t going to work. You must truly offer information that your customers need.

Who is your market?
What, besides your product, does this person truly care about? If you are trying to reach people in their 30’s, there is a good chance that they have children that are in school – is there something you can send them that would help manage their life in those regards? Tips for helping kids study or follow directions (for once), for example.

Another fun thing to do is actually interact with your customers and (gasp) ask them to contribute something to your page that will help them! It is a value add to them and they will appreciate the fact that you allowed them to spotlight their business on your page. Bob Gibbons does a great job of this on his newsletter and social media efforts. He spotlights his clients and shares all sorts of great information that his clients could use (btw, we use his services and recommend him)

The main thing is to stop focusing on selling your products and start focusing on human relationships. That is what Social Media is about. As Zig Ziglar said “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Now start helping!

Have you tried something that worked and want to share? Comment below!

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