How many times have you gone on Facebook and looked up a business that you were interested in and the first thing you see when you go to their page is boring content or worse, no pictures? There are no pictures, no deals or specials and the page is all together lacking a personal touch. It is a social forum after all; going to someone’s page should be like walking into their home or office. This is where an FBML tab can help.

If you aren’t familiar with FBML (Facebook markup language), check out the Two Rows welcome tab. FBML tabs are good for several things. As great a forum as your wall is to share information and get feedback, sometimes that is not the first thing you want someone visiting your site for the first time to see. This tab doesn’t have to be an elaborate display of how awesome you can write code, all it needs to do is prove to your customers that someone is on your Facebook and they aren’t going to just be talking to a salesman.

Now, there are some pretty cool things you can do with an FBML tab if you want to get fancy and have people interact with the tab. You could get people to do something just by telling them to like the page in a creative way like this. Or you could put a video from your YouTube channel for them to watch like this. If you can design it, you can stick it in a tab for your business.

Just remember a few things. Using an FBML tab isn’t more important than good content. Just because you have a really awesome tab that does everything doesn’t necessarily mean your fans will keep coming back. Also be sure to put all your links to your other sites, blog, Twitter, YouTube channel, and anywhere else you have a presence.

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