MozCon 2016 Recap

MozCon is an amazing opportunity for marketers of all kinds to come together, learn, network, and share.

Didn’t get to go to MozCon this year? Neither did we. We’re bummed about not being there, however we were able to learn a lot from the conference from social media and some great bloggers.

Here are some awesome blogs we found recapping MozCon 2016.

Blog: MozCon 2016: 10 Key Takeaways

MozCon 2016 thebrickfactory.comby Josh Einbinder and Katie Fulton @brickfactory

This blog post is great because it not only has takeaways from the conference, but it also has info about the conference experience. If you didn’t get to go to MozCon this year, check this out before next year.

Thanks for sharing!


Blog: MozCon 2016 Recap

by Freddy Chanut @ In Marketing We Trust

This blog has a lot of highlights and takeaways from day one of MozCon. There are detailed notes and visuals from all of the day one sessions, with days two and three to be added. Here are a few we like:

How to Make Your Marketing Match Your Reality

Dana DiTomaso, @danaditomaso

  • Your brand is your promise. “If you choose us, this is what’s going to happen.”
  • Good marketing feels right. Good marketing makes people make decisions they are unaware of.
  • Consider your core values when developoing your brand strategy

How to Do Content Strategy (Probably)

Kristina Halvorson, @halvorson

  • If your content is for everybody, then it really is for NOBODY
  • Content marketing and content strategy are the two fastest growing verticals in the industry
  • Marketers hate this but you can’t do it all. What will you say “no” to?

MozCon Infographic Core Strategy

Too Busy to Do Good Work

Marta Turek, @mturek

  • Make timely specific changes in our daily work habits so that we can become more effective, so that we can have more time to think, to create, to innovate.
  • For every distraction, you lose 20 minutes of productive time.
  • Actionable Tips to shave seconds off your day.

MozCon 2016 Productivity


by Nevyana Karakasheva @ OptiLocal

We love the “best of” infographic, separated into 5 categories of mobile SEO, mentions, content, technical and brand building. It uses the 8-bit graphics to match the annual graphic brand of MozCon. It also includes takeaways and notes from some of the great speakers at the 2016 conference.

Local Links: Tests, Tools, and Tactics

Mike Ramsey, @mikeramsey

This session has great info on local SEO tactics.

MozCon Stats / results

Technical Site Audits for Local SEO

Lindsay Wassell, @lindzie

  • Tracking keywords
  • Monitoring citation distribution and correctness
  • Documenting the SERPs

Other Great Blogs

Blog: All (and I do mean ALL) my notes from #MozCon 2016

The Curious Marketer, blogged by Kelvin (KC) Claveria @kcclaveria

Blog: MozCon 2016: Marketing is Empathy

Epicosity, blogged by Ruth Sturm @ruthasturm

#MozCon Tweets: Notes & Highlights

There’s a lot of buzz about MozCon 2016.





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