I bet a lot of you are thinking that the two cannot work together and that Facebook is a threat to the Email Marketing world but, that’s not a fair assessment. If used in the right manner the two can work very well together. Both are critical tools in establishing a connection with your audience and they can feed off one another.

Companies commonly refer people to “like” their Facebook page within their email campaigns. As well as offering a “join our newsletter” opportunity in the other direction. Promoting your Email Marketing list on your Facebook fan page will bring you more subscribers and increase your opportunity to reach your audience and remain top of mind with them.

When someone is a fan of your Facebook page, would you want them on your email list? Sure! Even though Facebook is a great way to connect and provide information in a comfortable social setting, it may not grab their full attention. On Facebook you’re competing with the friend’s and fan page updates that run through their recent status feed. With Email Marketing you’re focusing them solely on your message. Making sure they get your important information immediately and not competing with anyone else who’s vying for their attention.

The goal is to cross pollinate your Facebook, Email lists, and any other customer contact info lists you can to establish connections in various ways and strengthen your relationship with your clients and prospects. Below are just a few examples of how to make sure you’re reaching your target as often as possible.

1. Opt-in freebie on your Facebook wall.

Schedule a few times each month to post an opt-in special on Facebook to incentivize customers to sign up for your email newsletter. Let Facebook fans know that if they opt-in they will receive a special offer in return. Included in your post should be a quick link which takes them goes directly to an opt-in email newsletter form. This will encourage people to sign up and give those who have signed up a chance to share your information/offer with their friends. This should lead to more fans on Facebook, as well as additional addresses to your email list.

2. Create a welcome page that promotes your list.

When creating a fan page for your business, you should display specific content on the welcome page to visitors who are “new” to your page. You then provide them with an incentive to “like” your page by providing different information to people who have become “fans” of your page. This way a new visitor can be directed towards the information you’d prefer and not be overwhelmed or confused by comments from your existing fans rather than find appropriate information regarding your company. The welcome page is a great opportunity to promote your opt-in email campaign. Giving your company a great chance to connect and stay top of mind on two levels with your target audience.

3. Offer exclusive deals, the latest updates and critical information to your email list.

In Facebook, we suggest you utilize teaser updates which will tell your fans about current deals or specials that “only” your email recipients received, or will receive shortly. You can also state any other benefits of being on your email list. This may incentivize your Facebook fans to join your email list if the benefit you’ve described is compelling enough. If you’ve heard this before, “Birds of a feather flock together”. Then we would like to think that getting someone from Facebook to join your email list will cause your Facebook fans to share your emails with a bunch of friends which fit a similar demographic and have the potential for becoming “new clients”!

With the right plan and a little help from Atomic Design & Consulting, you can merge your Facebook fans and email marketing to drive better results from your online communication efforts.

To learn more, call us at 972-668-3867 or contact Atomic Design & Consulting now.

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